First bass is a beauty

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  It’s very rewarding introducing young anglers to the joys of fishing as experienced local angler Kevin Legge discovered when he took his twelve year granddaughter Grace Joslin to a local beach in search of bass. Kitted out with chest waders and headlight Grace was soon reeling in her first bass a beauty that was carefully released after a quick picture. Kevin said “that taking a twelve year old fishing is as simple as herding cats”. “It is it always this easy?” asked Grace as she sat down on the seat box to view the latest on Tick Tok.

A fine chub for Zaines birthday!

Zenia Drury-Gregorek sent me this story and superb picture from proud parents who took young Zaine on a fishing adventure to running water in Shropshire.


During a holiday away ourselves to Shropshire, we took our eldest 6 year old son Fishing on his 6th Birthday to the River Severn in the hope of a Pike, he had the shock of his life when he struck into a hard fighting Chub and landed a New Personal Best at 5lbs! Zaine caught the Chub on a 5oz Deadbait Rudd too! He said “it was the best birthday present ever”, he’s even beaten his Mummy and Daddy’s Personal Bests!! He is officially hooked and already becoming a fine little angler!

Anglers Paradise


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A very proud Zenia at Anglers Paradise sent me this report on the early angling success for her two young son’s.


This is a very special latest catches as it is about my 2 son’s Zaine and Zeejay who both love fishing and our youngest who is 3 went for his first time with Joe at the weekend and is now hooked, please find enclosed the pictures and write up.
We have been waiting until our youngest Son Zeejay who has just turned 3, showed the signs that he was ‘ready’ to start his fishing journey, and now came the time that we felt he was ready for his first fishing trip! Joe aka Daddy decided to take Zeejay Lure Fishing at Valhalla in search of some Perch to wet his appetite and hopefully catch his 1st ever Perch on a Lure. The weather was cold, but Zeejay just loved being with his Daddy and Fishing for the first time so he didn’t care, he just wanted to catch a ‘Phish’!
They couldn’t believe their luck when they landed Zeejay’s 1st ever Pike!! Zeejay’s face was a picture, and he was speechless (which is VERY Rare) when they got it into the net!

It was then our eldest son’s turn, Zaine who is 5, and he managed to land himself this lovely little Perch on a Lure, so we had 2 very happy brothers with their catches! It’s so great to share our love of the sport with our sons and we hope that others will do the same with theirs and get out there!

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise



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The latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise once again reflects the fun and family atmosphere that prevails.


Reilly Mulrooney, Age 3 caught his 1st EVER Fish with us, a Goldfish from the Float Lake on Sweetcorn, and as you can see he was a very happy boy with his Catch! We love seeing pictures like this, the younger generation are the future of this sport and it’s great to see them enjoy it so much!

markrichardspb6lb12ozkoifloatlakeMark Richards, 50 from Bristol was a VERY Happy Chappy when he landed this Personal Best 6lb 12oz Stunning Koi from the Float Lake.
Mark caught the Orange and Black Koi using Soft Hook Pellets, his wife Tania was very envious of his catch!!


We recently welcomed back to Anglers Paradise regular visitors Steve and Sally Kemp from Norwich, Norfolk who, whilst here decided to renew their Wedding Vows in true Fisherman style. Exchanging the normal wedding vows for the following:-

Dearly beloved we are gathered here together in the sight of God, nature and fish to renew our eternal vows and proclaim our everlasting love.

Do you Sally promise to take Steve for good days and bad days, big fish and small fish, blank days and loads of fish.

Do you Steve promise to take Sally for good days and bad days, big fish and small fish, blank days and loads of fish.

After each enjoyable session, will you make sure that you
thoroughly clean each other’s tackle, wash it, dry it and make sure it is in pristine condition for the next session

And do you promise to honour and obey and go fishing every day

I now pronounce you fisherman and fisherwoman, husband and wife and with this net I now re-join you for ever and a day.

The ceremony was concluded with a covering of the net together with a celebratory glass of wine.


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise

Flounder Fun for Junior Anglers

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Daniel Welch took his children to the River Taw estuary where they enjoyed flounder fishing fun beneath the warm autumn sunshine. The humble flounder are ideal fish for Junior anglers to target as they are relatively easy to catch and give a pleasing tussle on light tackle.

14611005_10154431991115560_1207465280488067568_nSix year old Effie Welch ( Above)

14563459_10154431991120560_3390013464941977146_nTwo and half year old – Solly Welch



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Its always good to get news of young anglers enjoying success as these are the anglers of the future. Joanne at Stafford Moor sent me these images of early angling success.

image1                                  image2


(Above) Mark & Debbie Brett’s triplets who are Bailey, Bluebell and Harley age 4 this was there first fishing trip on oak lake

(Below) Charlie Vernon who was here with dad Josh with his 14lb catch from Beatties using sticky baits white pop ups and pellets .



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Zenia at Anglers Paradise sent me this story and picture of a first fish. Great to see the futures anglers getting started.

Just been sent this adorable picture of the beautiful Chloe Wyatt that just caught her 1st Ever Fish, she overcame her fear of Maggots, chose her own hook and reeled in this lovely Mirror from the Pixie Lake, she will be 3 at the end of this Month! She is on holiday with her Mummy, Daddy and Grandma.


Zenia Gregorek “Love it! So great to see the younger generation enjoying the sport we all know and love”

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise