Winter Carp Opportunity

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Andy White has kicked off his winter’s fishing in style landing two belters from The Copse!!! These two fish went 31lb and 24lb. Furzebray winter ticket now available for Copse and Willow starting today they are £100 which covers both lakes… Unlimited fishing for the next 3 months… Please call 01769572653..

Furzebray – Winter carp Success

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Flyn Mardell has had a good run at Furzebray carp lakes of  some stunning 20’s topped off by the one up zip at 31lb. Colder weather has slowed sport but as soon as the wind goes round to a warmer direction carp will go on the feed and I expect to see some stunning fish from Furzebrays three lakes.

Winter Carp – At Stafford Moor

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With a bite cold East wind blowing over recent days I would expect carp sport to slow down and it may well have done so but at Stafford Moor there are still some stunning fish being caught by those prepared to brave the elements.

(Below) Luke Howell had six fish from the inlet swim on Beatties lake all caught on C C Moore Live System boilies

(Below)Ryan Turner fished with Friend Anthony Gill. They fished on the beach swim on Beatties lake the top weight was 25lb on the nose all caught on Sticky Baits 16mm Manilla boilies with a handful of 12mm Manilla bottom baits glazed in hemp oil.

(Below) Check out Rich Harman had three fish out from swim 3 on the dam wall on Beatties lake up to 25lb caught on Cornwall baits

(Below)Mark Lamude and Neil Harvey who had a few out from lodge lake last weekend on swims 3 and 4 including this 26lb 14oz all caught on frozen Mainline cell boilies glugged in cell dip tipped with sweetcorn.

The Peach from Upper Tamar

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Ryan Willshire had a cracking session on Upper Tamar Lake on the Cornwall and Devon border. Ryan pre baited during the week, arriving early on Saturday morning and within 2 hours had landed three 20lb+ mirrors! Ryan added a fourth 20 the same day to cap a fine session on the venue. All four fish are newly stocked fish which are all up in weight since stocking a month ago and it included the capture of a fish knows as ‘Starburst’ at 23.15! Ryan’s fish weighed in at 23lb15oz, 22lb 4oz, 22lb 2oz and 22lb 2oz. All the fish fell to Mainline Pop ups over

hybrid free offerings.


(Below) Aaron Bunning continued his fine form at Upper Tamar Lake, Near Bude, on the Cornwall/Devon border. He caught one of the most sought after Carp called ‘The Peach’ at 30lb 8oz. This was the second time in a year Aaron has managed to catch the fish from the 80+ acre venue. Aaron also caught a newly stocked mirror carp known as ‘Steves Mirror’ which was 22lb 8oz. Both fish fell to 20mm Nashbait Scopex Squid wafters over a scattering of matching freebies.

Chillcheater Keeping out the cold as winter sets in!

As winter sets in its time to don the thermals to retain body heat and make those winter fishing sessions an enjoyable experience. I recently visited Braunton based Reeds Chillcheater’s who specialize in manufacturing clothing for extreme weather conditions in and around water.

I wrote a piece on a visit last year.

This year I have purchased a full set of the companies Transpire fleece set and after two trips on the rocks since I can vouch for their properties in keeping out the chill. With an Aquatherm fleece as an outer layer I feel confident to venture out in the coldest of weather.

Kevin Legge and Craig McCloughlin have recently returned from Norway where they faced icy winds, hail and rain. Keeping warm and dry is a key part of winter fishing ensuring that you can concentrate fully on fishing effectively.

With Christmas on its way and the weather turning colder I thought it a good idea to show a few products that could make good stocking fillers for anglers this year.

(Above) Double layered Thermal Fleece socks

(Below) Pertex Jacket this ultra light windproof garment that folds up into a bag the size of a large orange is perfect for those spring and summer sessions when an unexpected chill wind blows up.

(Below) Estuary hat – Fully waterproof hat designed for gig rowers but also ideal for angling.

(Below) These Aquatherm wading socks are ideal for the carp angler ready to leap out of the bivvy on a wet night or for wading the shallow estuary in the summer when lure fishing for bass in conjunction with a pair of old trainers.

(Below) Nigel at Chillcheaters with one the Aquatherm fleece jackets that are ideal for the carp angler.

(Above) Aquatherm Fleeces

Chillcheaters are proud to sponsor local anglers including Jon Patten who recently represented England in the World Big Game Fishing Competition in France.

Squabmoor Success

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Squabmoor near Exmouth is a little out of North Devon but with fish like this less than two hours drive away it could be well worth a visit.

Carina Bush and her partner had a great session on Squabmoor reservoir, near Exmouth in Devon. It was their first visit to the venue and they were rewarded with 8 carp from 18lb to 28lbs. They also lost a couple of fish! Successful tactics were 16mm Richworths s-core pop ups and 10 freebies around each hook bait.

Upper Tamar Lake stock some BIG Carp!

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The future looks bright at Upper Tamar lake were some big carp are being stocked to make this large water one of the best in the West.

Upper Tamar Lake stock some BIG Carp!

South West Lakes Trust have stocked some more huge carp into Upper Tamar lake. This is the second year in succession where stocking big carp has taken place and there is more to come.

Recently fifteen carp up to 26lbs 4oz in weight were stocked and in 2017 twenty-five carp were stocked up to 36lbs in weight. The plan is to introduce another 40 carp all over 20lbs in weight over the next two years. The fish which were stocked in 2017 have done really well with some gaining as much as 4lbs in weight in the first year. Its anticipated many of these fish will continue to grow well over 30lbs within the next few years.

Upper Tamar forms part of the Tamar Lakes complex of fisheries with Lower Tamar only half a mile down the road. At 35 acres, Lower Tamar is home to a large head of 20lb+ carp, bream to 15lbs, tench to 8lbs, perch to 4lbs and specimen roach and rudd.

These new fish were sourced from our local supplier Lana Springs Fish Farm in Devon. Owner Chris Mannifold has a great reputation for supplying premium carp.

Ben Smeeth, Head of Angling for South West Lakes Trust said “I am delighted to announce this recent stocking and with the fish we have already stocked, these new ones, and the fish to come it re-enforces Upper Tamar as the leading fishery in the South West. The majority of fish have been Mirror carp to complement the large population of Common carp already in the lake. These fish will continue to grow with the aim of producing a large head of 30lb and 40lb fish within the next 5-7 years.”

Upper Tamar has produced a lot of fish for anglers in the last few years with some catching as many as 20 carp in a single 24 hour session. There are so many swims to choose from each giving a different perspective of the beautiful lake and each presenting different challenges and features.

Upper Tamar is a spectacular venue, set in peaceful rural countryside, spanning two counties with the Devon and Cornwall border running down the middle of the lake.

The fishery benefits from outstanding facilities with a café, showers, toilets and a camping field – perfect if the family also want to come along! There is an onsite self-service permit room so you can arrive at your leisure and start fishing! The venue also benefits from a level stoned path all the way around which makes access to swims for everyone really easy. A taxi service to any swim is also available if its pre booked

There are also two angling lodges which sleep two people and are bookable through our central office on 01566 771930.

Our fishing website provides a map of Upper Tamar fishery including swim names so you can familiarise yourself before even visiting. We also have a very active Facebook page called ‘Coarse Fishing South West Lakes Trust’ so please LIKE our page for regular catch reports, pictures and information about all of our coarse fisheries in the South West.

Anyone who would like to come along and see the fish stockings are very welcome.

Ben Smeeth

Head of Angling 01288 321262


Issue date: 13 November 2018

For more information, please contact:

Alice Peters

Customer Communications and Marketing Officer

South West Lakes Trust

01566 771930


The South West Lakes Trust is the region’s largest combined environmental and recreational charity, managing reservoirs on behalf of South West Water for conservation and recreation purposes. Its 50 inland water sites, encompassing 5,000 hectares of land and water spread across Devon, Cornwall and West Somerset, attract in the region of 2million visits annually. It is listed as being in the top 3,000 of the country’s 150,000 charities. In 2015 South West Lakes Trust accumulated 3647 days of assistance by volunteers and in return training was offered in relevant skills (66 days in 2015). In 2015 SWLT attracted over 14,000 new entrants to sport.

South West Lakes Trust manages large tracts of moorland and significant areas of woodland, with Forest Stewardship Council accreditation.

Stafford Moor – Winter Carp catches to 29lb 2oz

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(Below)Nigel Bassett travels from Cornwall to fish at Stafford Moor with Tara & Mark. Nigel had 3 fish out up to 21lb 6oz from swim 3 on the dam wall up on Lodge lake this weekend all caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies, caught 2 from the far bank tight to the margins and one out in the open water.

(Below) Karl Hutchinson and his friend Jake  had five fish out from the summer hut swim on Beatties lake . Karl has this fabulous ghostie and Jack had a few out caught on Sticky Baits Manilla, Karl was using his home made orange & pineapple pop ups.

(Below) Dan Rickett fished  on the  double beach swim on Beattie’s lake  with his friend Tim Pearson. They had 10 fish out including this 29lb 2oz beauty which is Dan’s new personal best.