Stafford Thirty For Lee Brooks

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(Above)Lee Brooks caught this 31lb 9oz mirror from the summerhouse swim on Beattie’s lake using Sticky Baits Krill boilies (purchased from the shop)  this is Lee’s new Personal best.

Ryan Labdon with his 21lb 8oz catch from Beattie’s lake fishing with Sticky Baits white chocolate pop ups on the inlet swim on Beattie’s lake.

Furzebray – Charlotte 45lb 8oz

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South Westerly Winds have encouraged carp to feed in local lakes with Aaron Seldon landing Furzebray Carp lakes biggest resident Charlotte at a weight of 45lb 8oz. Graham Kelly also enjoyed success at the venue landing Sovereign at a weight of 33lb 8oz and Adam Shore landed the Mint Common at 31lb.

Carp on the feed at Stafford Moor

Beatties has been fishing exceptionally well over the past week as South Westerly Winds blow in. ! Paul Combes put 5 ton of chalk into the lake  to break down the silt and adjust the pH levels and since then the lake has been on top form.

Lodge lake is presently closed as improvement work is underway in preparation for the season ahead.

Below are a few carp caught in recent days.

( Below) Callum Darcey who had a new personal Best of 22lb from the summer house swim using Bait Works scent from hell boilies.

(Below)Jack Lord who had out 6 fish in 24 hours from the dam wall on Beattie’s up to 27lb 6oz using Mainline Cell boilies.

( Below)Charlie Elliot and Keith Green had 14 fish out between them up to 23lb 8oz . They were fishing on the beach swim on Beattie’s lake .Charlie was fishing using Sticky Baits krill pop ups and Keith was using fish it Baits coconut cream (carp mafia clothing ) both had a fab session

Beattie’s personal best(Short lived) for Steve Pinn of 23Ib on Dynamite tutti frutti (testing for Jo) balanced with plastic corn. This was the biggest of a 7 fish catch with good mate Keith Maker who had 4 fish including the 22 pounder on a manila wafter bait.

(Below) keith Maker

(Below)Steve and Keith  Maker revisited the Moor after their above haul – Steve Pinn Personal Best  changed again 24Ib. Steve and Keith Maker had 12 fish to 27Ib 12oz.



Damien Chambers, 30 from Southport came with Partner Gemma to our Annual Valentines Weekend and after enjoying the 3 Course Meal, the Viagra Wine and the Fun and Games, Damien went onto the Main Carp Lake the morning after in the hope of a Fish or Two, and that he did!!
Damien caught a 19lb and 21lb Mirror both on Paradise Baits – The Twist! He didn’t get to picture the 19lb Mirror but he did of this stunning Scaley 21lb Mirror.

Thomas Winspear, 26 who is part of the estate team, decided to have a go Fly Fishing on the Trout Lake after work for some Trout action, but he had a shock when his rod bent nearly in half and he landed this Beauty! A Grass Carp about 8-9lbs, caught on a Bloodworm Buzzer. Tom said it gave him a great fight too!


During a holiday away ourselves to Shropshire, we took our eldest 6 year old son Fishing on his 6th Birthday to the River Severn in the hope of a Pike, he had the shock of his life when he struck into a hard fighting Chub and landed a New Personal Best at 5lbs! Zaine caught the Chub on a 5oz Deadbait Rudd too! He said “it was the best birthday present ever”, he’s even beaten his Mummy and Daddy’s Personal Bests!! He is officially hooked and already becoming a fine little angler!

Anglers Paradise

47lb 6oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake

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BIG Congratulations to Arron Fisher who has caught a 47lb 6oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake, not only is he the first angler to catch on Kracking Carp this year so far but this fish is also Arron’s New UK Personal Best Carp, as you can imagine, Arron is pretty chuffed with himself and quite rightly so!

The Kracking Fish have been brought on for many years by our team from Tiddlers at Ounces to THIS BIG, so we are very proud to see anglers go onto catching them and making New PB’s!

Arron said –

“Well here she is, the ‘Jewel of the Lake’ and a new English PB at 47.06lb. I am absolutely buzzing to have caught her especially as it is the first fish out of 2017. She couldn’t resist a 12mm CR1 pastel pop up on a armohawk size 8 chod hook fished with a bag of CR1 crumb and HOB Blitz and hemp. Also a massive thank you to Andrew Moores for driving out and doing a great job on the photos.”

Anglers Paradise

February Carp Sport at Stafford Moor

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The milder weather has encouraged carp to start feeding so dust off the cobwebs after the winter and set out to the waters edge!

Steve Pinn landed a cracking new Beatties personal best of 23Ib on Dynamite Baits tutti frutti (testing for Joanne Combes) balanced with fake corn – Best of 7 with Keith Maker who had 4 of the 7 fish including a 22 pounder – A great session for February !


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As the wind swings to the East and temperatures plummet the catching of fish becomes a struggle especially for carp. This doesn’t deter the hardiest anglers who will fish in any weather wrapped up in warm clothing and snug within their bivvys. As always the real bonus is being out by the water witnessing nature in all its glory and if the fishing is quiet then all the more chance of savouring those sunrises and sunsets. Steve Pinn spends many hours fishing Stafford Moor and captures some wonderful images including these stunning shots taken from the bivvy.