PB’s from Paradise

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(Above)Gillian Lowrie, 39 from Scotland decided to give Anglers Eldorado a go in search of a UK personal best and that she certainly did!! She only went and caught the biggest Cat of the year from the Bottom Cat and Carp Lake recorded this year at 40lbs 13oz!

Gillian caught the Wels Catfish on double 21mm halibut pellets.


Andy Nettleton joined us for his 1st ever Anglers Paradise Holiday and couldn’t wait to fish the Famous Koi Lake!

It wasn’t long before he started catching plenty including this beauty and Andy’s new personal best at 10lbs 6oz!!

Andy Shared –

‘I was surface fishing on the Koi Lake. I had a great take which lead me a song and dance around my peg. When it finally submitted and went in the net i was surprised. After weighing the Koi the scales went 10lb 6oz a new PB Koi for me!!’

Anglers Paradise

Adam Wheeler Wins Three Match Junior Series – Bideford Angling Club

Congratulations go to Bideford angling Club for organising a series of Junior Angling Matches on their home water Tarka Swims. The future of angling rests with these young people who will hopefully embrace a pastime that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment. Many thanks to Martin Turner for the report.

Results @ Junior match/coaching session No.3

1st Ruari Hewitt 8lb 2oz

2nd Will Richards 6lb 6oz

3rd Brooke Copp 3lb 9oz

4th Adam Wheeler 2lb 14oz

Ruari has fished with maggots on peg P for a nice bag of bream. Will, on the next peg, fished with a ledgered pellet and caught a lovely mirror carp for second place. Brooke fished with a feeder and landed a fine bream for third on peg R. 11 different young anglers have fished the, closely contested, 3 match series and Adam Wheeler has come out winner of the Junior Cup,with a points total of 30 ,in 2nd spot Tyler Scott on 29, 3rd Brooke Copp on 28, 4th Ruari Hewitt 24 5th Tomas Scott 22. Thank you all ,helpers and fishers, and Summerlands Tackle for your support.

Mill Park – Stunning nets of silver from tranquil waters

I caught my first coarse fish from Mill Park Pond near Berrynarbor whilst in my early teens a tiny perch with bristling spiky fins and bold stripes. It took a worm suspended beneath an orange tipped quill float in a scene that could have been lifted direct from the pages of Crabtree that evocative book that inspired many young anglers in that age long before computer games and mobile phones. I spent many hours fishing at Mill Pond as a youngster fascinated by the mysterious quality of its tree shaded waters.

Roach, perch, bream and eels were our target as young anglers and it was generally simplistic fishing with float fished maggot or worms. As we grew older we sometimes tried for the carp that glided through the water on sunny days appearing almost blue as the shafts of sunlight penetrated the water. I caught my first carp from water on float-fished sweetcorn in 1981 a fish that took close to an hour to bring to the net on just 3lb b.s line. In the early eighties I went on to catch several carp from the lake to almost twenty pounds. The pond also produced several big perch during those years the biggest I heard of was found washed up dead and weighed 4lb 10oz a fish that was at the time very close to the British Record.

Whilst I always had affection for Mill Park or Mill Pond as we knew it then my visits dwindled as my fishing focus changed and the pond of my youth fell into decline with silting issues and dwindling stocks of fish. In recent seasons I was pleased to hear of good catches of roach, skimmer bream and carp.

I was recently delighted to receive an invitation to visit the lake once again and seized the opportunity to revisit my early memories of fishing. Knowing that the lake held good numbers of silver fish I decided to invite three match angling friends to fish the pond on a summers evening. I would tag along with my camera and attempt to capture some of the ponds magic. They would undoubtedly be far more able to show of the fantastic fishing available than myself.

I am always wary of revisiting childhood abodes as time and maturity can sometimes shatter those treasured memories. Fortunately Mill Park has retained its charm and many of the features from my youth remained unchanged whilst the addition of a few water lilies, sympathetic bank work and de-silting has if anything enhanced the water.

Martin Turner, Neilsen Jeffrey and John Forster are all keen match anglers and all enjoy regular success on the local circuit. On this summer evening in early July I joined them in the swims I had fished all those years ago. Sunlight streamed through the trees into the greenish opaque waters. Carp basked on the surface in the warm sunshine. The quaking of ducks echoed across the water. It was as if time had stood still for over forty years.

Martin and Neilsen had elected to fish side by side, Neilsen using feeder fishing tactics whilst Martin pole fishing with tares feeding hempseed. I was absorbed immediately watching the quiver tip as it shook and pulled round and the float as it sat optimistically before darting beneath the surface.

It was fascinating to watch these masters of their craft at work as they constantly made tiny adjustments to their set ups as the fickle fish appeared to constantly change in their willingness to take the bait. It was Martin whose tactics appeared to win over on this evening with quality roach responding to constant feeding with just a few grains of hemp every cast. At times the water seemed to shimmer silver sided roach fed in frenzy beneath the calm surface. Steady feeding seemed to be the key to consistent success with a few grains of hemp fed each cast with Martin getting into steady rhythm of feed, hook fish, unhook, feed and repeat.

Martin Turner with 1lb plus roach

Martin handed me the pole for five minutes and I swung a couple of roach to hand experiencing the sensation of pole elastic and a lack of running line.

A few yards along the bank John Forster was using pole tactics to winkle out roach from beside a lily pad. He also made brief contact with a carp that smashed the light tackle as it surged for freedom.

After close to three hours fishing it was time to check the total catch and take a couple of pictures. The owners had allowed us to use keep-nets for this friendly evening demonstration of fishing tactics. Martin, Neilsen and John caught well over thirty pounds, all four of us then retired to Mill Parks on site bar for a lengthy discussion on fishing over a well earned cool pint.

Mill Parks campsite is set in a stunning valley with modern well-maintained facilities. The lake is stocked with carp, roach, bream and chub. As a site for summer camping with excellent fishing it comes highly recommended. It is especially suited for young anglers who should be able to catch their first fish with ease and delight in the excitement of that unique contact with nature that can lead to a lifetime of joy.

Out of season Mill Park offers superb roach fishing with regular matches staged with some stunning nets of silver fish winning matches.

Carp and cats in Paradise

(Below)Michael Smith from Basildon won our Fish Of The Week Competition catching an amazing 3 personal bests!! Michael caught a PB 31lb Mirror, then a 32lb Mirror topped by catching Parrot at 46lbs 3oz!!! All caught from Nirvana’s Day Ticket Kracking Carp Lake. Michael’s said – “I’ve fished Anglers Paradise for over 12 years now and fished the Kracking Karp for the last 6 years without a bite until this year where I had 3 new personal bests of 31lbs, 32lbs topped off with a 46lb 3oz Mirror that is Parrot!! What a Fish it is, I’m over the moon!

As always, I caught them on a cog system with an Essex Bait firm called Baitlocker Baits SX. The 32lb Mirror was caught on 3 fake balanced Corns with a small PVA Bag. The 31lb and Parrot were caught on a bottom sx bait with 20 freebies on both.
What a session once again at Anglers Paradise, as always a top week!”


(Below)Sam Lancaster, 26 from Stevenage had a very productive week of fishing catching two 20lb Commons from Nirvana’s Xanadu Lake, a PB 43lb Cat from the Specimen Cat Lake, four Catfish from Eldorado’s Bottom Cat and Carp Lake weighing 33lb, 29lb, 24lb, and 19lb and a stunning 14lb Mirror. Sam caught the 20lb 4oz Common on a 10mm bucha berry pop up, and the 20lb Common on a 10mm milky toffee pop up on a kd rig. Sam caught the 43lb Catfish and 24lb Cat using a Sticky Baits the Krill bottom bait. The 33lb Catfish fell for a CC Moore Pacific Tuna 18mm. And lastly, the 29lb Catfish was caught using 18mm maple and cream boilies snowman with 10mm milky toffee pop up.

Anglers Paradise

Catches from Paradise

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The latest news from Zenia at the prolific Anglers Paradise complex.. Don’t forget that many of the lakes are also open to day ticket anglers.

(Above)Bradley Bone from Clacton On Sea in Essex had a session on Nirvana’s Specimen Cat Lake in the hope of catching a big one, at 7.30pm that happened!! Bradley landed a personal best 54lb 6oz Wels Catfish on two 30mm halibut pellets fished in the margin.


Caz Osborne from Stamford, Lincolnshire who after years of trying…finally beat her previous personal best 13lb Carp with a 18lb 3oz Mirror from Eldorado’s Bottom Cat and Carp Lake! Her partner Julian was green with envy!! She also had a 25lb Cat whilst the men had their tails between their legs!!

Caz’s Story –

“On the build up to our stay at Anglers Paradise, we had especially been looking forward to fishing the Bottom lake at Eldorado and planned to do 2 nights and days. However I have been ill with pneumonia since before Christmas, Jules (aka the King) and my friend Rob took my kit down for me and set up camp. This year I set no goals for fishing, but really hoped to better my long standing best carp weight of 13lb 13oz.

With the weather being as hot as it had been, the King set up running rigs to target the Cats and this resulted in a cat at 25lb same as my previous PB. However on Wednesday morning we had some rain and it was much cooler, so we hoped the Carp would show.

I was delighted when the alarm rang out and I caught a lovely Mirror Carp at 18lb 3ozs which broke my old PB by over 5lbs which stood for 4years!!

It was caught on my new h-gun Nash rod which was a present from Rob, using a Paradise bait Catastrophic main bait topped with a burton bait squid and octopus pop up, wrapped in the Kings magic paste all in a PVA bag with halibut pellets casted to the island.”



Kevin Boxall from Grantham, Lincolnshire had a reel mixed bag of catches catching plenty of Carp including a personal best 26lb 13oz Linear from the Specimen Carp Lake, a personal best 37lb 10oz Cat from the Octopussy, a personal best 3lb 8oz Eel also from the Octopussy and a lovely Golden Tench from the Specimen Carp Lake.

Here’s his story –

“Sunday, I went to Octopussy, and caught a 37lb 10oz Catfish, using luncheon meat. This was a personal best. On Monday I went back to another area in Octopussy and caught a 18lb 10oz Catfish on halibut pellets and my biggest ever Eel at 3lb 8oz.

On Tuesday I went to the Main Carp Lake and landed a 17lb 6oz, with a number of smaller carp, using Live System boilies. I stayed overnight, but no action, however on Wednesday, after catching a number of small carp and losing two good sized ones I eventually ended the day with a 19lb 8oz Mirror Carp.

On Thursday, I decided to try Easy Access, landing 2 Catfish of 20lb 4ozs and 14lb 9ozs. On Friday I decided to try my luck on the Specimen Carp Lake, first of all I fished the split and caught many small Carp and a Golden Tench (not weighed, estimated about 2 1/2lb). I was getting fed up, so decided to move near the deeper water. After catching a few more little Carp, I eventually landed a 26lb 13oz Mirror Carp again using Live system boilies. I had fantastic week, have booked up our 4th holiday for next year before we left.”

Anglers Paradise

BIg Carp and Cats from Paradise Lakes


Richard Mason, 35 from Newquay joined us for a session on Nirvana’s Specimen Cat Lake and caught this stunner of a Mirror weighing 38lb 7oz making it a new UK Personal Best for him!

Richard shared –

“I was in peg one fishing for cats down each margin, during the day baiting up to the point of the island and at about 6pm lots of carp started topping so I changed one of my rigs to pallatrax stone leads simple snow man rig with mackerel Xt 15mm and sticky baits white pop up.”

Brothers Simon and Chris Rhodes joined us for their annual holiday in search of a personal best Catfish and that they did! Simon landed a PB 66lb Cat on his last day on the Main Carp Lake and Chris caught a PB 50lb 10oz Cat from the Specimen Cat Lake. They used 20lb line size 4 barbless hooks and polish garlic luncheon meat as bait.
Simon shared –
“Last day on the Main Carp Lake, I fished on the famous Nev’s Point and caught a personal best 66lb Wels Catfish! I had 8 powerful runs and 25 mins later taking two nets to land it!!
The perfect end to a great week!”

Anglers Paradise

Stafford Open Match Latest

Open match on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes with a continental payout.  winner on the day Zac Newton who bagged himself an impressive 344lb 1oz from peg 16 on Tanners lake fishing shallow on the pole 8mm pellets . In second place was Paul Morris who had 269lb 15oz from peg 18 on Woodpecker lake fishing down the edge /deck on the pole. In third place was  Dave Stockton who had 227lb 13oz from peg 5 on Tanners lake fishing the waggler.