Bideford and District Angling Club Junior Competition No. 4

Bideford and District Angling Club
Junior Competition No. 4
Tarka Swims
1st Brodie Allen 23lb 6oz
2nd Findley Huggins 17lb 10oz
3rd Jenson Kiff 13lb 8oz
4th Imogen Babb 13lb 1oz
5th Ted Blight 11lb 12oz
6th Bailly Brambley 9lb 10oz
7th Maci Brambley 8lb 4oz
8th Willow Davies. 4lb 15oz
9th Billy Butler 4lb 14oz
10th. Leo Davies 3lb 3oz
11th Albi Clements 2lb 9oz
12th Lewis Hathaway 2lb 8oz
13th Brodie Daniel 2lb 4oz
14th Amelia Bell 1lb 10oz
15th Metida Voice 13oz
16th Tash Hawkins 9oz
17th Fletcher Hawkins 8oz
Despite the fierce winds our junior members turned out in force for the penultimate competition of the junior calendar, over half the pegs on George’s lake were used.!
Poles and rods were gripped tightly as storm “Antoni” did it’s best to spoil the day.
Brodie, on peg 15 , put a cracking net of mainly carp on the scales to win the day. Paste on the pole his tactics.
Second spot went to Findley on peg 8 , his chosen tactic to combat the high winds was a method feeder.
Jenson fished similarly on peg 11 for a well earned third spot.
Despite some very challenging conditions the youngsters all managed to weigh in, well done all.
Martin Cox Bait tech for their generosity.
Also our helpers on the day.

Bideford and District Angling Club Junior event No. 3

Bideford and District Angling Club
Junior event No. 3
1st Brodie Allen 14lb 8oz
2nd Lewis Hathaway 9lb 4oz
3rd Leo Davies 7lb 14oz
4th Eric Snudden 3lb 9oz
4th Hector Snudden 3lb 9oz
6th Willow Davies 2lb 10oz
7th Imogen Babb 1lb 14oz
8th Albi Clements 15oz
The forecast for wind and heavy rain kept some of our regular youngsters away for this,the third event of the summer series ; however the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted and pegs 7 to 14 offered a degree of shelter.
Some nice catches were made with Brodie’s net of pole caught carp top wieght on the day,
Second place went to Lewis on peg 7, sweetcorn on the pole tactics.
Leo fished pellets on a method feeder for third.
Our next event is on Saturday August 5th.

Bideford and District Angling Club Junior Event

Bideford and District Angling Club
Junior Event
1st Ted Blight 15lb 1/2oz
2nd Charles Heddon 13lb 15 1/2oz
3rd Brodie Allen 12lb 7 3/4oz
4th Leo Davies 10lb 13 3/4oz
5th Jake Seddon 8lb 8 1/4oz
6th Billy Butler 7lb 6 1/2 oz
7th Albi Clements 7lb 1 3/4oz
8th Thomas Scott 6lb 6 1/4oz
9th Imogen Babb 5lb 12 1/4oz
10th Kash Hawkins 5lb 9 1/4oz
11th Fletcher Hawkins 3lb 8 1/4oz
12th Lewis Hathaway 3lb 7 1/2oz
13th Rudyjames Nicholas 3lb 6 1/4oz
14th Maci Brambley 2lb 10 1/4oz
15th Isaiah Seddon 2lb 7 1/4oz
16th Willow Davies 2lb 1 3/4oz
17th Bailey Bramley 2lb 1 1/2oz
18th Archie Brooks 1lb 7 3/4oz
19th Taylor Charlton 1oz
Fantastic ,
19 young members have turned up to fish the second event of the year, George’s lake has produced bumper
catches for our lads and lasses.
Really close results, Ted topped the field from peg 14
with a lovely net of carp all on the method feeder.
Charlie’s second spot fell to paste on the pole off peg 12 , Brodie took 3rd on peg 1.
The weights were taken on an assortment of techniques and all around the lake.
Everyone went home with a prize, a suntan and l hope, a smile.!!…
Many thanks to the senior helpers and to the sponsors for our prize table.

Latest Coarse Results from Bideford & District Angling Club

Midweek evening competition
Round 4 results:
1st (joint) Nathan Underwood  32lb 4oz
1st (joint) David Bailey 32lb 4oz
3rd Stephen Craker  26lb 8oz
4th Roger Ackroyd  24lb 4oz
5th Richard Jefferies  23lb 6oz
6th Mike Snudden 19lb 2oz
15 fished
Our members enjoyed another beautiful evening on Tarka Swims , as we approach the half way point in the series Nathan continues his relentless dominance, with his second win this time on peg 22, pole and paste has accounted for his mainly carp net.
He didn’t have it all his own way as David made his return, with a fantastic net of larger carp on peg 9 , float fished hard pellets beside the lilly pads.
Steve’s 3rd place came to luncheon meat.
On Sunday we have our monthly competition.

Junior Competition No 1

Tarka Swims


1st Thomas Scott 11lb 10oz
2nd Alby Clements 9lb 12oz
3rd Lewis Hathaway 5lb 6oz
4th Imogen Babb 5lb 4oz
5th Ted Blight 3lb 10oz
6th Matilda Voice 3lb 7oz
7th Jenson Kiff 2lb 9oz
8th Isaiah Seddon 1lb 7oz
9th Jake Seddon 1lb 6oz
10th Bailey Brambley 1lb 3oz
11th Maci Brambley 1lb 2oz
12th Tanzin Galliver 15oz
13th Billy Butler 1oz
A scorching Saturday afternoon on Tarka swims saw our young members fish the first in their 5 match series .
Thomas, our oldest competitor, has left it late to catch the winning fish , a nice carp on peg 21 has swung the decision.
Albi ,our youngest member, has put a lovely net of fish together on peg 17 for second spot.
Lewis, fishing his first ever match came in third on peg 18.Last year’s overall champion Imogen was 4th.
A fantastic day was had by all, a special thanks to Summerlands Tackle and Quay Sports for their help with prizes , also to our senior helpers on the day.

Bideford Angling Club – Final Junior event of our summer series:

Final Junior event of our summer series:
1st Hope Polden 18lb 10oz
2nd Ted Blight 6lb 4oz
3rd Imogen Babb 3lb 3oz
4th Cruise Eigins 2lb 14oz
5th Willow Davies 2lb 5oz
6th Leon Davies 1lb 15oz
7th Fletcher. 1lb 14oz
8th Alby Clements 1lb 7oz
9th Kash. 1lb 1oz
10th Sammy Thornton retired early.
Hope, one of our youngest competitors , has put many a senior member to shame ! , with a terrific winning net of tench and skimmers in just 3 hours.
Hope has fished on peg 21 with worm baits on a short pole,
Ted ,on peg 19 , has come second using luncheon meat on the pole.
3rd spot has gone to Imogen on peg 23 , and has thus secure the victory in the league.
Our junior summer series has been well supported and a huge thanks must go to all who have helped on the days.
The terrific prize table was made possible by the generosity of Quay sports, Summerlands, Bait-tech, Tom Downing , Martin Cocks , huge thank you to them.

Bideford and District Angling Club Jubilee Special Junior event :

Bideford Angling Club do a fantastic job  encouraging young anglers with their special Junior events with coaching from qualified club members. The lakes two lakes are superb facility for club members at a very reasonble price.
Bideford and District Angling Club
Jubilee Special Junior event :
1st place : Tom Scott 6lb 9 oz
2nd Brodie Allin 5lb 12oz
3rd Imogen Babb 4lb 10oz
4th Alby Clements 4lb 8oz
5th Lilly Bell 3lb 15oz
9 youngsters took part.
Our junior members enjoyed a glorious summer afternoon on George’s lake ,Tarka Swims. Fish proved tricky to tempt but everyone managed to winkle out a few,
Thomas was top of the over 14 age group on peg 23 , with a nice mixed net caught on double red maggot on the pole. Brodie was a close second on peg 18, some late fish on paste just pipped Imogen on the next peg.
A special thank you to the generosity of our local shops for helping with our prizes.
Let’s hope the weather is kind for the next one in the series on June 18th.

Bideford Angling Club – Junior Event

Bideford Angling Club held the first of their Summer fishing events at Tarka Swims. Great to see a good number of juniors coming into fishing. Well done to Bideford for such a sterling effort.
Today’s first Junior Event Tarka Swims , Results: Over 14’s
1st Tom Scott  9lb 15oz
2nd Tyler Scoot   6lb 12oz
3rd   Adam Wheeler 6lb 6oz
4th Joe Westcott 3lb 9oz
Under 14’s
1st Charlie H 4lb 6oz
2nd Tom G 2lb 1oz.
Our junior members enjoyed the 3 hour afternoon event on the shallower pegs, conditions were warm and overcast.Tom landed a late carp on peg 22 to secure victory, older brother Tyler had a good mixed net on peg 23 for second, just pipping Adam in to third. Many thanks to our helpers and a special thank you to Tom Downing for securing a fine box of prizes from BaitTech also thanks to Summerlands of Westward Ho!

A FINE BIRTHDAY PRESENT – Ten Year old Zaine banks carp brace

Proud parents Joe and Zenia Drury Gregorek sent me this heartwarming  report from Anglers Paradise.

Zaine Drury-Gregorek who knows how to celebrate his 10th birthday and that was to go fishing! Zaine had a few hours on Anglers Eldorado’s Cat and Carp Lake 1 and caught a stunning Mirror and a lovely Common! Needless to say it was the best Birthday ever and he didn’t want to leave! Zaine caught the Carp using Munchbaits Citrus Blend Pop Ups.

Anglers Paradise

Bideford Angling Club – Junior Fishing Event

Junior results, Tarka Swims George’s Lake.

1st  Thomas Scott 10lb 8oz

2nd Charlie Evans 3lb 9oz

3rd Tyler Scott   2lb 7oz.

The Saturday afternoon 3 hour competition was fished in warm blustery conditions , Thomas drew the end peg Q and took victory with a nice carp on the feeder and a good bream on the pole and corn, Charlie’s had a nice net of smaller fish on the pole on peg U . Third spot went to Tyler on peg S. The winner of the 4 match series was Tyler Scott