Paul Painter and his sons Harry 16 and Jack 9 decided to brave the weather and have a weekend fishing at Anglers Eldorado – and it certainly paid off seeing the youngest of them Jack catch his personal best at 27lbs 8oz!

Paul shared – “Myself, Harry, and Jack, had a good 48hrs on the Eldorado complex even though the weather was very rough!! We had quite a few Carp out of the bottom lake and had a few hours float fishing on the top lake which produced some lovely carp including Koi. Jack had a really memorable session when he smashed his Carp PB by 7 and a half pounds when he caught a 27lb 8oz Mirror on Saturday morning!!! He also managed to stalk out some Koi on floating crust from the Koi pond.”


Anglers Paradise

Carp from stormy waters

Alan Clarke fished from the Dam Wall on Lodge to tempt this beauty weighing in at 27lb 12oz caught using DT baits blend white pop up.

(Below)  Mike Hardy caught pleasing brace from swim 14 on lodge lake caught on Nash coconut cream boilies.

(Below) Oliver Kind  had 2 fish out from the Dam Wall on lodge lake up to 27lb caught on Pineapple & almond goo over Sticky Baits krill pop ups.

( Below) Tom Downing popped out to Stafford Moor on  with Antony Grigorjevs to shoot a where to fish feature to go in the March edition of Improve Your Coarse Fishing. Was a good day even though storm Ciara tried putting a halt on things!


It was a pleasure once again for Pauline and I to attend Bideford & District Angling Clubs presentation night and to be made so welcome. Such events are vitally important to the social fibre of angling clubs enabling members and families to join together to enjoy a little fun and banter whilst reflecting on the achievements made by members throughout the year. It is not just about the fish caught but also about recognising the huge amount of effort invested by club members. BIdeford Club is a long established club that has its own waters for coarse anglers, a thriving sea section and a game section that travels across the South West to target trout on the fly.

There were some outstanding fish caught throughout 2019 including a bass of 15lb 6oz to the rod of Tarrant Wotton, a club record couch’s bream of 15oz to the rod of Nathan Clements and a rainbow trout of 14lb 11oz to Matt Sander. John McCullum won the Clubs Game Fishing Trophy with 49 points. Martin Turner secured the clubs Match Mans Cup with 108 points and young Tyler Scott won the club Sam Vaughan Cup for most Match points by a Junior with 42 points. Dick Talbot won the clubs sea league with 49 points. There were a huge number of certificates awarded and trophies congratulations to all of the winners. Let’s hope 2020 is just as productive for club members.

A winner takes all raffle was won by Reg Sutton who kindly donated the proceeds to the RNLI in memory of local angler Cameron Atkinson who sadly lost his life late in 2019.

Carp and Pike from South West lakes

(Below)Aaron Bunning has this lovely 19.12 mirror from Upper Tamar recently. His first carp of 2020. Nash baits scopex squid boilies as always for Aaron.

(Below) Barry Lee has this cracking 14.10 common from lower Tamar over the weekend in pretty cold conditions. Barry cast to showing fish at 120 yards range and caught on a tiny popup and stick bag.

(Below) Toby Bassett with a double figure pike from Slade Reservoir.

A Winter Pike Session

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After numerous shore fishing trips catching dogfish and small conger I felt a change of  scenery and species was in order. With a cold North-East wind forecast pike fishing came to mind so a trip to a local reservoir was the plan. With the pike gear scattered around the shed I knew it would be a fraught half an hour or so getting ready and ensuring I did not overlook anything important. With ice coating the car I was in no rush to hit the road so it was mid morning before I arrived at the waters edge.

Piking tactics would be maximum of an hour in each swim before moving. Dead-baits fished beneath crimson topped floats.

It was great to be at the waters edge enjoying the warm sunshine as I watched my floats expectantly. After half an hour I saw a large swirl just over a rod length out close to my float! In classic fashion the float bobbed and slowly slid away. I pick up the rod waiting till the line tightened and lifted the rod to feel that pleasing resistance as a decent sized pike lunged on a tight line in the clear water.

A low double and a pleasing start to my winter pike fishing.

The day drifted past with a pike from three of the next four swims none as big as the first but pleasing jacks between 5lb and 8lb and all in superb condition.

The last pike of the day came as the light started to fade with the sun sinking beneath the hill opposite the bare tree branches silhouetted against the sky. It was going to be a cold night.


  • The reservoirs are covered by South West Water Reservoir Regulations with which anglers must familiarise themselves before fishing. All anglers must carry a valid Environment Agency Licence.
  • SEASON – All year
  • METHODS – Permitted methods include the use of spinners, plugs, flies, worms or dead sea fish baits presented on float or ledger tackle, live bating is not permitted. In order to avoid pollution false alarms, surplus dead baits must not be thrown in the reservoir when fishing ends.
  • Only barbless hooks may be used (barbed hooks should be crimped down). Hooks to be no larger than size 6.  All hooks to be mounted on wire trace.  Angler’s to be in possession of forceps.  Minimum 12lb breaking strain line to be used.
  • Gaffs not permitted; please use a large net for landing pike.
  • WEIGHING – Pike may only be weighed in conjunction with a weighing net or sling. It is PROHIBITED to weigh fish with the spring balance hook under the Pike’s chin.
  • All Pike anglers must have a large padded unhooking mat.
  • A Pike tube or sack may only be used to hold single pike for the short period needed to set up photographic equipment. To avoid damaging fish by dropping, anglers being photographed with Pike must do so in a kneeling position close to the ground.
  • KEEP NETS – keep nets are prohibited
  • Rods may not be left unattended at any time.
  • All Pike must be returned to the water immediately after capture, and in any event immediately after photographing.

12     Children under 12 years may fish for no charge provided they are accompanied by full paying adult over the age of 18 years and then only with permission of parent or legal guardian.


Jennetts will be re-open on Saturday 18 January. SWLT thank all for their patience and understanding during the closure. The fishery is open from 6:30am to 10pm. Permit agents are listed on our website or you can buy them online through our website
“There is expectation for some fantastic fishing now with some very hungry fish! Good luck everyone”. says Ben Smeeth, Head of Angling.

ANGLERS PARADISE _ Raises thousands more for good causes!

Anglers Paradise are delighted to share with you that from a year’s fundraising at Anglers Paradise with Raffles, Quizzes and Netting Events we have raised over £7000 and have given to the following Charities –

Over and Above – Cardiology supporting the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, Air Ambulance, Active Halwill, Emergency Volunteer Drs, Halwill Primary School and the Okehampton St.Boniface Church. We are very thankful to all our customers that helped us raise this and help so many worthy causes. We look forward to raising more in 2020!!

I CAUGHT A GLIMPSE – A Great Winter Read

I CAUGHT A GLIMPSE – Fishing In North Devon

            I have been privileged to enjoy over forty years fishing North Devon’s varied waters enjoying both success and failure. The places and the many people I have met along the way have greatly enriched the journey and as the years pass I realise that all we ever get is a fleeting glimpse of a period in angling history.

In this book I tell a few of my own stories of North Devon angling along with recollections from others; some from an earlier generation who enjoyed fishing in those good old days.

I have no favourite species of fish just the one I am fishing for at the time and this book reflects this with every discipline of angling represented. From the small crimson spotted trout of tumbling streams to the huge shark that roam the Atlantic Ocean.

Angling is in essence an attempt to reach into a different dimension. Its fascination has for me never ceased and I always believe that the next cast will be the one that connects, that marvellous moment of completed deception. The anglers I have interviewed in writing this book reflect upon past times when they too glimpsed piscatorial events that they enjoyed recalling. Stories of lost fisheries, big fish, record fish of angler’s their attitudes and love of fishing.

I hope that I manage to share and convey the joys of angling in North Devon and provide a glimpse into a century of marvellous fishing.

Just a fleeting glimpse,

Of Memories gone,

A hopeful glimpse of what may come,

When its bitter cold outside its often good to settle down by the fire to read a good book.  ” I Caught A Glimpse” has an array of fishing stories from North Devon with all disciplines catered for if your interested check out this review from Dominic Garnett and the comments from my friend Paul French.

I received this email from my friend Paul French who took the book on a cruise.

“We’ve recently returned from a cruise to Norway which provided me with ample time to read your book and what a thoroughly good read it was too! The passion you undoubtably have for this pastime of ours is embodied in the words on each and every page. The part mix of autobiographical and part historical is I believe a unique blende and certainly not something I’ve seen attempted elsewhere. It couldn’t have been an easy project to undertake and metaphorically reading between the lines the reader may understandably not appreciate the hours and days of research you have put into it. You’ve smashed it, all round my kind of book. 

All we need now is a Glimpse of the next one”.

Available from The Little Egret Press or drop me a PM via my Facebook Page or North Devon Angling News.

Hooked on Lure Fishing – By Dominic Garnett & Andy Mytton

Lure fishing is I believe one of the biggest growth areas in angling with an increasing number of recruits. I guess lure fishing fits well with modern life allowing short sessions with minimal tackle enabling anyone to get their fishy fix.

The latest Lure Fishing book from Dominic Garnett and Andy Mytton is a comprehensive and informative guide to modern lure fishing tactics. I grew up in a generation that had a very narrow view of lure fishing with just a handful of predatory species targeted by most anglers. The introduction of LRF fishing and species fishing has totally transformed the lure fishing world as is illustrated throughout this fascinating tome.

The emphasis throughout the book is fishing for fun. The quest for big is not high on the agenda it’s all about the catching and the variety of species. From saltwater rockpools and blennies, ‘ minnows in brook’s right up to pike, bass and salmon.

The book is well illustrated throughout with some stunning underwater images from Jack Perks. Tactics, tackle, rigs, lures, watercraft, habitat is all crammed into over 200 pages along with a few tales to inspire and illustrate how it all fits together.

This is a must read for lure anglers whatever their experience as it is packed with tips and new angles. I am sure it will be one of those books that is frequently dipped into for inspiration on the eve of lure fishing trips. The only downside is that it will fuel that dreaded temptation to add to the ever increasing box of must have lures!

Definitely one for the Christmas List !


Lure Weekend which was another great success with lots of fish caught! Please find enclosed the Winners and pictures attached.

Aaron Chuck won the overall Competition and caught 6 Species consisting of Pike, Perch, Rudd, Golden Rudd, Rainbow Trout and an amazing 15lb Common Carp with a total of 210.5cms!! To catch a Carp on a Lure is pretty special! Runner up was Michael Molloy with 6 species and Third place was Thomas Wilson with 5 species.

Biggest Cat was caught by Thomas Wilson who managed to land a 133.5cm Wels Catfish which gave him the fight of his life and also his Team Captain Ben Humber caught a Catfish within the same hour measuring 130cm, great angling!

Biggest Trout was caught by Dominic Cooke, a Rainbow Trout measuring 50cm.

Biggest Perch was 37cm caught by Mark Hawitt, 2nd biggest was 36.5cm caught by Alan Dicks.

Biggest Pike was 65cm caught by Lee Paynton.

Winning Team was Team Fox with 7 Species totaling 359cms.

So lots of Fish were caught throughout the weekend a jolly good time was had by all having fun, making friends and fishing – what more you could you ask for!

Anglers Paradise