Upper Tamar Carp Catch

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Aaron Bunning has had a cracking session on Upper Tamar lake near Bude. Aaron caught 7 carp in a 24 hour session with the best being a common of 28lb 8oz. Aaron also had a 21.14 Mirror and 3 other fish over 17lbs along with two at 14lbs. All fish fell to 20mm Scopex Squid cultured boilie hookbaits over a bed of 18mm freebies.

Carping In Paradise

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George Holder caught his first ever twenty at Anglers Paradise – a stunning 25lb 15oz Mirror from the Main Carp Lake which also won him our Fish of the week competition. George’s shared – “We got up early in the morning to fish the Main lake which was my first session at Anglers Paradise. There were a variety of swims available so I chose a swim where I saw fish feeding. I targeted an island which had many features so I knew fish would be around there. At around 3pm my rod screamed off and I was into a fish. I had to be careful as there were snags all around the 5C’s island. Although when I was about to net the fish he dived for the reeds and the fight was on!

Finally I netted the fish and what a stunner it was. Tipping the scales at 25.15 blew me away as this was my first Anglers Paradise fish and to catch one of this size was unreal. I caught the fish on a mainline high leakage pineapple wafter fished on a hair rig KD style. Thank you so much to Anglers Paradise for the great fishing and help in the tackle shop, I’ll be back soon!”

(Above) Dave Smith had a session on our day ticket Xanadu Lake and caught the beautiful Xanna at 28lbs which is less than she normally is after spawning in May.

Dave has only been Carp fishing for 6 months so as you can imagine, he was absolutely over the moon to catch Xanna!! Dave caught the beauty on a Manilla bait with a white pop up snowman style.

Luke Cornforth, 19 had a nice surprise when he landed this beaut of a Common Carp at 25lbs from the Specimen Carp Lake. Luke shared –

‘Before arriving at Anglers paradise last Saturday my cousin Kieran and I had the idea of fishing the Specimen Carp Lake later in the week. We walked around the lake in the evenings and found a few carp holding up in the pads and the potamogeton and on Wednesday evening we set about baiting a few spots for the following morning.

We were at the lake at first light on Thursday morning and fortunately there were a few signs of carp on our spots, a few hours after getting the rods out Kieran lost one under the rod tip in the potamogeton. Although this was frustrating, especially with a relatively low stock of fish, it gave us hope that the location was right and pre baiting the night before might have put the odds in our favour. The day was quiet but with more and more fish frequenting the dense weed growth to my right we felt confident going into the evening.

My chosen tactics were solid bags filled with a few 2mm pellets and gs crab boilie crumb from Oxford carp baits with a trimmed down gs crab wafter on a simple rig with a size 4 hook and a few handfuls of whole, chopped and crumbed boilies over the top.

Just as the temperature began to drop at around 6:30 in the evening my right hand rod closest to the pads pulled up tight and after a short fight through the dense potamogeton a stunning common of 25lb rolled over the net cord. A lovely fish and the highlight of my week !’

Anglers Paradise

Mainline Baits carp open pairs at Upper Tamar – top prize of £2000

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Many thank’s to Ben Smeeth head of Angling at South West Lakes Trust for sending this report on the latest Mainline Baits Carp Pairs Open.

The second Mainline Baits carp open pairs at Upper Tamar took place from 5-7 July. 33 pairs saw the competition at full capacity and the anticipation at the draw was fantastic! Anglers chose their swims, collected a mainline goody bag and were transported to their pegs. Fishing began at 4pm on the Friday and ended after 45 hours at 1pm on the Sunday.

What was great about the weekend was the competition was very close and every pair were in with a shout of being in the prize money right up until the final hour or so!

Nigel Woods and Rich Ford scooped the top prize of £2000 with 4 fish for 63lbs from peg 31 on the Cornwall Bank. There catch included a cracking mirror of 24lb 7oz.

There was a terrific tussle for second with the O’Connors Barry and Benn fighting it out with Dave Bellew and Steve Lovell. Both pairs caught three fish and only 5 ounces separated them at the finish with Barry and Benn coming out on top to win the £1000 second prize. Dave and Steve settling for the £500 third spot.

Largest fish winning 2kg of Mainline spod and PVA mix was youngster Tristan Cooper who had a cracking 19lb 10oz mirror. Smallest fish, winning 2kg of Mainline spod and PVA mix was Rob Jewell with a common of 8lb 6oz.

Section winners winning 5kg of Mainline freezer baits boilies were:

Toby Green and Danny Moore

Lee Watts and Dean Compton

Peter Higman and Ricky Lawrence

Scott and Tristan Cooper.

Massive thankyou to Mainline Baits for their sponsorship.

The next Mainline pairs competition is 4-6 October and bookings can be made on 01566 771930.

Carp Catches in Rain or Shine at Stafford Moor

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Tara, Mark & Nigel fished  on Lodge Lake on swims 1 and 2, they had 45 carp out between them ! Including Tara’s 28lb beauty all caught on Sticky baits Manilla and banoffee boilies and Manilla Over particles.

(Below) Karl Hutchinson had nine fish  up to 24lb from the inlet swim on Beatties lake caught on raspberry flavour boilies

(Below)Nicholas Billett Nicholas Billett fished on swim 7 on lodge lake then moved to swim 2 on the dam wall, Nick had 5 fish out all caught on Sticky Bits 20mm Krill boilies.

Tony Welch  fished on swim 14 (beach 1) up on lodge lake at the weekend Tony had 5 fish out in 24 hours all caught on Essential baits b5 flouro pop,ups

Fathers Day Carp

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Jamie Cox from Folkestone, Kent with a 20lb Mirror.

Here is a quote from Jamie

“It’s my First time back at Anglers Paradise since my Dad took me 20 years ago. I returned this year with my own little boy and what a way to celebrate Fathers Day by having this 20lb mirror from the main lake on floating crust. A memory I will never lose”.

Anglers Paradise

Hacche Moor Carp Catches

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Anglers have been enjoying some top rate sport at recently opened Hacche Moor Carp Fishery near South Molton.

(Above) Carina Bush and Shane Wills with fine brace of 23lb mirror carp
(Above) Carina Bush with a fine mirror
(Above)John Roberts with a mirror of 27lb 12oz
(Above) Dean Compton 32lb 12oz
(Above)Shane Wills with a fine mirror carp