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Ben Smeeth sent me this information on Upper Tamar; sure to be popular; I was tempted to keep quiet in case I cannot get on the boat myself!!!!

Perch fishing Mecca Upper Tamar has a rowing boat available for anglers to hire over the winter at £10 per day starting on Monday 7th November. There must be two people in the boat and it must be booked and paid for in advance on 01566 771930. Further details are available on booking. Anglers are required to buy a day permit when arriving at Tamar and the boat is only available for perch fishing. Venue regular Chris Lambert sent us in these pictures of some fish he had last winter from the boat at 3.06, 3.12 and 3.14!!




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Latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise
The Lure weekend dates are in! 2017 LURE WEEKEND DATES CONFIRMED!! We are pleased to announce that we now have the dates for our next Lure Weekend Confirmed! Friday 24th February to Sunday 26th 2017. From £110 Per Person to include accomodation for 3 nights, Fishing + Entry into All Competitions. More Details to follow… BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!!
 After my Fantastic 48 Hour Session with Julian Chidgey from Inspired Angling Services, before heading home, Julian decided to give the Specimen Carp Lake a try in the hope of one himself! The Fish were all showing on the surface, so Julian stalked patiently and landed this Stunning Scale Perfect 22lb 9oz Linear caught off the top on Dog Biscuits. WELL DONE JULIAN, ANOTHER SUPERB CATCH BY OUR GREAT GUIDE!

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


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Latest news from Zenia at Anglers Paradise. Good to see so many posts with Ladies, Families and Juniors.



They’d Look Like This!!

Stunning Catch by Eloise Wyatt, from Somerset who caught this Beauty of a Koi at 6lbs 10oz from the Koi Lake using her favourite Tactic of fishing off the top using Dog Biscuits to tempt Fish Like This One!


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


Ben Smeeth Countryside and Angling Manager – Sent me these reports of stunning fish and images from our local South West Lakes Trust Waters

John Deprieelle spent some time on day ticket venue Lower Tamar last week and had this to say about his session:
‘Well the carp fishing didn’t go quite to plan so I took bailiff Bobs advice and went to the very end peg which looked great and had fish everywhere in front of me. I lost a big fish within 30 mins of casting out and that was it. I had a few bream though and this 9lb fish was the best of the bunch taken on an 8mm pinapple pop up. The sunset was amazing!’

lower tamar sunset 4lower tamar sunset 3

9lb bream

Ryan Wilshere caught this cracking 27.10 Common from day ticket venue Jennetts Reservoir recently. Ryan fished the far margin from the first few pegs and the fish fell to a Mainline Essential IB pop up fished over a scattering of essential cell boilies. (Below)

Ryal wilshere Jennetts 27.10 aug 16logo

Colourful Fish from Paradise

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The latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise demonstrates the wide range of beautiful fish to be caught at the complex.

Sam Whapshott, from Bexley, Kent caught a Personal Best 11lb Koi from the Koi Lake caught on Dog Biscuits, what a beautiful Fish! (Below)

SamWhapshott11lbKoiDogBiscuitSteve Macdonald from Woonton, Herefordshire had a BIG Surprise when he reeled in the Big Koi from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake at a whopping 15lbs!! Jackie Charlton caught him during the first week of July at 13lb 8oz so he’s put on a lot of weight in just a few weeks! Steve said – “Caught this cracking fella on the last day of our holiday with you. I had wanted to catch a double figure carp and a Koi so I was made up when my last cast of the day on the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake resulted in this 16lb beauty, making it my new Personal Best!
The rig was a very simple 11mm bait-tech pellet banded onto a size 8 hook on a running ledger rig cast close to the lily pads. We had enjoyed a great day on the lake with loads of Golden Tench, Blue and Golden Orfe and an 11lb 14oz Grass Carp. It was a day well worth braving the wind and rain for!”. (Below)


Tommy Flower and his Wife Stevie from Bexley, Kent, had a rare fishing session together on the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake. Tommy normally targets the Carp and Stevie is new to fishing, so this was a change from the Norm! Tommy and Stevie caught many Colourful Specimens including Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Koi Orfe, Golden Tench, Two Tone Tench and Grass Carp using Maggots as the hook bait. Here are just a few of the Specimens they caught! Watch Out Tommy, looking at the size of Stevie’s Catches, she’s one to watch! Always great to see Couples enjoying the Sport, hopefully the start of many Fishing Days out together. (Below)


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


14124866_10208492732213960_5784798049075623523_oYoung Chloe Tuffin Brazier aged eleven  fished at Horwood Fishery and landed her first carp a hard-fighting 7lb common that tested her angling skills and made her a very happy girl. Andy Seery’s new 8mm go-nut bait was the successful offering presented on pole tackle with a size 18  hook.

Day Tickets for Horwood can be purchased from Summerlands Tackle.

Advert  - Summerlands Tackle


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14203402_10154524121659540_629595279_oChris Haydon and Kevin Dobson from On The Bank Angling, both from Exeter and have been testing out the Deeper Smart Sonar which is the world’s first wireless cast-able lake feature and fish finding device. They came back to Eldorado in search of catching their Personal Best Cats, and that they did! Chris managed to land the Biggest Cat from the Bottom Lake at 45lbs!! This Cat hasn’t been reported to come out for at least 2 years but Chris found it and landed the Beast on Popped Up Worms giving him a New PB Cat to his name! Kevin joined in on the action and also landed himself a PB 23lb Cat on a Big Chunk of Luncheon Meat.


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


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Keen alround angler John Shapland fished Anglers Paradise with his good friend Dan Spearman targetting catfish and carp from the day ticket catfish lake they enjoyed success using large boilies with John landing a carp and a personal best catfish of 19lb 5oz.

Anglers Paradise has the largest density of catfish in North Devon with fish to over 70lb. These fish give a very strong fight and will feed until cooler weather descends as autumn approaches.


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise