Paul enjoys dream fishing session.

Paul Lorrimore described his latest session as dream fishing! A huge swell made fishing difficult but undoubtedly brought the fish on the feed. Paul landed twenty conger to 12lb, seven bull huss the best two weighing 9lb 14oz and 12lb 10oz along with a blonde ray of 12lb 10oz. All were caught on frozen Ammo baits bought at High Street Tackle.

Shore sport update

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There are some good fish coming in along the North Devon coast at the moment with conger, bull huss, blonde ray and spurdog, It is important that those reading this get a true perspective as these fish generally require effort to catch. I obviously get to see lots of good fish to report on and I too sometimes get over optimistic when I set out onto the shoreline. Last night was a typical session when I joined fellow CMSAC member Rob Scoines at a local rock mark. We were both optimistic on arrival at our chosen mark but after close to five hours we had managed seven or eight small conger (commonly known as straps or bootlaces) and a solitary pollock. My own catch rate was undoubtedly impacted upon by my choice of 8/0 hooks and wire trace with several traces coming back as twisted tangles following the small eels attempts to eat the large baits.

There are often plenty of trips to the shoreline that bring little reward but its all part of the long term game. Put in the hours; sit back watch those rod tips for before long they will nod, the reel will scream and the rod will bend. Below are a few catches from this week.

(Above)Paul Lorrimore landed several eels to 18lb 8oz
Chay Boggis with a good huss

Dan Welch – blonde ray of around 9lb.

Toby Boats Conger 44lb 8oz

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Toby Bassett joined a party of anglers aboard John Barbeary’s boat Bluefin off Ilfracombe and boated a fine specimen conger of 44lb 8oz.. The spurdog they were targetting  proved harder to find than on recent trips but good numbers of conger proved adequate consultation with good numbers of twenty pound plus eels boated.

Private Boats Enjoy Offshore Sport

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The recent calm weather has allowed several of North Devon’s boat owners to venture out and savour the sport on offer. James Gubb Fradgley and Rob Scoines sailed out of Lynmouth and landed spurdog to 17lb, thirty conger to 29lb a blonde ray of 13lb and several bull huss.

(Above)James Gubb with a 29lb conger
James Gubb – blonde ray
Rob Scoines -bull huss
Rob Scoines – spurdog 17lb
(Above ) James Gubb  specimen bull huss
Dan Welch and Ross Stanway sailed out of Ilfracombe and also discovered conger, huss and spurdog.
(Above) Ross Stanway with a specimen huss
(Above) Dan Welch – spurdog
(Above) Ross Stanway with a spurdog
Dan Welch – conger 28lb

Combe Martin SAC Christmas Competition

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A dozen club members fished in Combe Martin Sea Angling Club’s Christmas Competition that saw five specimen fish registered. The winner was (myself) Wayne Thomas with a spurdog scaling 12lb 3oz.

Kevin Legge was runner up with a spurdog of 11lb 10oz. Kevin also landed a spurdog of 10lb 6oz and a bull huss of 10lb 3oz.

(Above) Kevin Legge with his 11lb 10oz spurdog

(Above) Kevin Legge with a spurdog of 10lb 6oz.

(Above) Kody Chugg was third with a fine specimen conger of 23lb 1oz.

Members fished a wide variety of marks along the North Devon and Somerset coastline where they landed a variety of species including whiting, dogfish, thornback ray, grey mullet and pouting in addition to the specimen fish registered.

Some of this weeks Sea Angling Highlights

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Autumn is a prime time for the sea angler with a wide variety of species to target. The past week has seen local anglers enjoy success along North Devon’s rocky coast. Dan Spearman (Below) was among these anglers landing a bull huss of 9lb 3oz and a conger of 18lb.

Fellow Combe Martin SAC member James Thomas landed good pollock of 2lb 13oz along with numerous conger whilst fishing a rock mark near Ilfracombe. (Below)

Kody Chugg landed a small eyed ray (Below)

I targetted grey mullet that are one of my  favourite sea fish and tempted a specimen of 4lb 13oz using quiver-tipped bread flake.

First Big Eel of the season!

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(Above) Jonathon Stanway with his 10lb 8oz eel

Combe Martin SAC member Ross Stanway fished with his brother Jonathan on damp and drizzly evening with a lively sea.  Jonathan hooked a Conger of 10lb 8oz early on in the evening; his biggest to date having not really done much eel fishing. I joked. “Imagine what one 3 times the size fights like!”. Ross then illustrated his point landing an eel of 30lb 3oz!

(Above)Ross Stanway with a proper conger – 30lb 3oz

Specimen Spurdog and big conger on Bluefin

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(Above)Rob Scoines & josh Atkinson with a fine brace of eels Robs weighing 38lb and Josh’s 33lb 8oz

A party of local anglers enjoyed some hectic sport off Ilfracombe aboard John Barbeary’s ‘Bluefin’. Spurdog provided the bulk of fish caught with upwards of 50 brought to the boat. Several quality conger to almost 40lb were also boated putting a serious curve into the anglers rods.

The biggest spurdog of the day was a fine specimen of 16lb 8oz to the rod of Bill Caasar. (Below)

It is likely that the spurdog sport will continue for some while yet with bull huss also likely to increase in numbers.

Josh Atkinson with a specimen spurdog on of several double figure specimens he landed to 14lb 4oz