Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club – April Trophy – Clatworthy

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Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club members fished their April Trophy Competition at Wessex Waters Clatworthy Reservoir where all members competing landed some top quality trout. A cold brisk easterly wind put the trout down deep with most fish caught  deep using boobies or lures. Whilst the fishing proved to be more challenging than expected the quality of the fish caught made the effort well worth well while with full tailed rainbows testing everyones tackle. One fish estimated at over five pound slipped the hook at the net whilst a good number of the fish caught were between 3lb and 4lb 8oz. The biggest trout fell to Colin Combes weighed in at 4lb 8oz and was part of the only five fish bag of the day that secured victory.

1st – Colin Combe – Five Rainbows – 12lb 15oz

2nd – Dave Mock – Four Rainbows – 12lb 12oz

3rd – Wayne Thomas – Four Rainbows – 10lb 15oz

4th – Dave Eldred – Three Rainbows – 7lb 8oz.

(Above) Colin Combe with a fine rainbow of 4lb 8oz
(Above) A fin perfect rainbow of 3lb 8oz

Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club – 2019

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Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club are a small friendly club who meet at least once a month to fish Stillwater trout fishery’s in the south West. Membership is £18.00 per year. For membership contact David Richards ;-  [email protected]

Competition Programme 2019/20

Date Venue Times Special Rules Award
10/03/19 Wimbleball 10am-4pm Bank D&D Cup
07/04/19 Clatworthy 10am-4pm Bank April Trophies
12/05/19 Blakewell Fishery 9am-4pm Floating Lines Only. Max fly size 10 Buzzer/DRY Edwards Cup
09/06/19 Exe Valley 10am-4pm Hulland Trophy
14/07/19 Wimbleball 10am-4pm Boat Jubilee Rose Bowl
11/08/19 Bratton Fisheries – BBQ 3pm-7pm None


Beeny Trophy
08/09/19 Hawkridge Fishing with the women – times to be confirmed Boat


Roger & Guard Shield
06/10/19 Clatworthy 10am-4pm Boat Secretary’s


27/10/19 Bratton Fisheries 10am-4pm
20/11/19 Exe Valley 10am-4pm First round of Winter Challenge
15/12/19 Blakewell Fishery 10am-3pm Christmas Competition*
12/01/20 Simpson Valley or Blakewell Fishery 10am-4pm Second round of Winter Challenge
09/02/20 Bratton Fisheries 9am-3pm Third round of Winter Challenge

*Please can all competitors that are invited to take part in the Christmas Competition donate a raffle prize to around the value of £5


Winter Challenge – best two competitions, out of the three, to count.




NOTE: All Boat bookings and transport arrangements are the responsibility of the members

Fine winter trout at Bratton Water

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Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club held the first heat of their Winter Challenge series at Bratton Water where all members secured three fish bags by mid morning. The winning bag of three browns fell to myself (Wayne Thomas) and totalled 9lb 14oz. In runner up spot was Colin Combe with  9lb 12oz and in third Andre Muxworthy with 8lb 12oz.

(Above) Winning bag of three quality browns to 4lb

Bratton Water is nestled in a wooded valley protected from most winds which is always good especially when a bitter East wind is blowing as it was on the day of our visit. With a bright blue sky I wondered if we would struggle to catch but these fears were unfounded as the trout responded well to a variety of tactics. I chose to fish a light rod combined with a floating line and long 6lb b.s leader with a small gold-head PTN on the tip and small diawl-bach on a dropper. Casting a long line and allowing the fly to sink before commencing a very slow erratic retrieve. The choice of tactics was more to do with how I wanted to fish as opposed to what I thought would catch most. Other members succeeded using small lures fished on intermediate lines with speedier retrieves.

(Above)Three quality rainbows caught by Nigel Bird
Members take a break

Fishing For Life

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Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club members met members of South West – Fishing for life at Hawkridge Reservoir near Bridgewater where members gave Fly Fishing Coaching on a one to one basis from boats kindly provided by Wessex Water. The hot sunny conditions were far from ideal for fishing and as a result only one of the ladies taking part caught a trout. The event proved very enjoyable and rewarding however with all celebrating the joys of fishing and living on a splendid summers day. The main fishing event commenced at 1.00pm and finished at 3.00pm and was followed by afternoon tea and delicious food in the fishing lodge.

Pip Bristow with a fine 2lb 10oz rainbow

Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club have been invited to repeat the event in  September 2019 when it is hoped conditions will be more favorable for catching fish.

‘Fishing for Life’ is an organization which provides fly fishing sessions for people who all have one thing in common – breast cancer. Meetings are held every month at lakes over the South West, Greater Manchester area and Gloucester/Worcester,, where the scenery is beautiful all the year round. At these sessions members are able to learn to fly fish under the supervision of qualified coaches.

The sessions are provided free of charge, thanks to the help of South West Lakes Trust, Bristol Waters, fisheries and small grants from local authorities. Also fundraising done by a very committed group of volunteers. As well as learning to fly fish, knot tying, entomology, fly tying and conservation are all included in the program and each morning’s session is concluded with refreshments.

Fly fishing not only provides gentle relaxing exercise, but in this wonderful atmosphere, refreshes the soul as well as one member said.
New friendships are made with like minded people and it is a time to relax and have some special ME time. Families and partners are welcome to come along and support but the fishing is just for the members. Everyone is welcome to the refreshments at the end of the session.


My boat partner Sam fished enthusiastically whilst I spent two hours wishing for a trout to seize her Fly.

Wistlandpound Club Members fished their competition between 4.00pm and 6.00pm

Competition Report From Club Secretary David Richards

Well the fishing at Hawkridge was tough five members fished with the women, who I believe had a great day as did the men,such was the enjoyment factor that we have booked up to do the same in September next year.
The reservoir temperature was in the region of 28/29 degrees which is somewhere around the high 80,s.
I believe every fly and every tactic was used but for all but one it was no use and as we had decided earlier that the winner of the comp was going to be the heaviest fish Colin Combe who caught the only 2 fish 4lb 4oz won the day .

Tight Lines Dave R…

I will just add that I did hook into a rainbow that I estimated at 4lb before it managed to shed the hook a foot from the net!

Colin Combe with the best trout of the day

Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club – Blagdon Competition Result

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Paul Grisley secured victory in Wistlandpound Clubs April Trophy at Blagdon Reservoir. His eight fish limit bag of rainbow trout totalled 21lb 3oz. Colin Combe was runner up with 8 for 17lb 8oz and David Eldred third with 8 for 16lb 12oz. The biggest trout of the day was a rainbow of 4lb 6oz to the rod of Paul Grisley.

I shared a boat with Matt Kingdom who gave a lesson in how to catch trout completing his eight fish limit by lunch time and going on to add another ten trout. I fished similar tactics and even scrounged a couple of Matt’s successful flies to land a brace of trout. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is due to a subtle difference in technique or tackle. Blagdon is a truly historic trout water that can provide exciting sport especially at this time of year as the trout feast on the thousands of buzzers that hatch from the lake when conditions are right. In a few weeks time it will be thrilling to hear the pleasing screech of the swifts as they swoop across the lake. The first swallows should be showing any day soon.

After many years I have replaced my old trout fishing bag with a new one. The Snowbee XS – Bank & Boat Bag is highly recommended with numerous practical and functional characteristics. www.snowbee.co.uk

Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club – Christmas Match at Blakewell

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Nine members fished Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Clubs Christmas Competition at Blakewell Fishery where all competitors caught their five fish limit bags. The winner was Colin Combe who had a five fish bag totalling 24lb 8oz that included a fine 12lb 1oz rainbow trout. In runner up spot was Paul Grisley with five for 20lb 12oz. In third was Nigel Bird with five for 19lb.

As the Reservoir trout season ends its time to turn to the smaller stillwater’s

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Lottie Ava Kinnear aged 8 caught her first brown trout on a cats whiskers lure from Bratton Water. Her parents say that she really enjoyed herself and can’t wait to go again.

Bratton Water will start to fish well now as the cooler waters of late autumn and winter arrive. Last winter saw some stunning brown trout caught from the fishery with several over 5lb. (Below) Danny Ford with one of last winters stunning brown trout caught at Bratton Water.

Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club fished the last day of the season at Wessex Water’s Clatworthy Reservoir where the rainbow trout that the fishery is renowned for played hard to get. Only three of the ten members taking part in the event fishing for the Secretary’s Shield managed to land trout. This was despite the lake being well stocked with good numbers of trout that were times visible in the clear water.

David Rudman was the winner with a rainbow trout scaling 1lb 151/2oz. Dave Mock and Danny Ford tied in runner up spot both landing rainbows of 1lb 15oz. (Below) The three successful anglers.

Despite the lack of fish members enjoyed a day in beautiful countryside with trees surrounding the reservoir in splendid autumn colours.

As members gathered at the Fishing Lodge reflecting upon the past season they were treated to a delicious offering of Lemon Drizzle Cake from the local Clatworthy Fly Fishing Club. We all hope be to back at Clatworthy in the spring when it generally offers superb sport with some of the West Country’s hardest fighting rainbow trout.

With the reservoir trout fishing season at an end it is time to turn to the small still waters where sport is at its best through the colder months.

Wistlandpound Club – Visit Blagdon Lake

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Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Club Members traveled to Blagdon Lake the birthplace of Stillwater Trout fishing in the UK. The day was probably the hottest of the year to that point with a clear blue sky and relentless hot sunshine blazing down upon the mirror calm lake. Far from ideal conditions for trout fishing and I don’t think anyone expected the fishing to be easy.

(Above)Matt Kingdom

The fishing did prove challenging but England International Matt Kingdom and I managed five fish each all hard fighting rainbows with full tails.

Dave Mock boated the biggest trout of the day at 4lb 8oz.

1st – Wayne Thomas – 5 Rainbow Trout 13lb 4oz

2nd – Matt Kingdom – 5 Rainbow Trout 11lb 3oz

3rd -Colin Combe – 2 Rainbow Trout – 6lb 2oz

A fin perfect Blagdon rainbow for Wayne Thomas