Fast growth rate at Stafford Moor

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Nick Galley landed three fine mirror carp the biggest equaling his personal best at 22:08. The the carp with a distinctive  black spot on its shoulder was landed by Nick’s brother Brandon at the end of July at 19:06 so an excellent 3lb growth rate in just under 3 months.

The other two carp scaled 21lb and 20lb. The fish were all caught from the inlet swim and their on their own black magic bait and Gardner end tackle.




Melbury Carp Catch

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img_6442Tony Welch visited Melbury very recently and sent in this catch report to South West Lakes Trust:

‘On my latest trip fishing the Devon South West Lakes Trust waters I decided to head to Melbury Reservoir. I spent two nights on the picturesque lake and struggled on the first night fishing in horrendous rain. After a change in the weather and also a change of tactics I managed 6 takes over the last 18hrs catching a number of nice commons to 19lb 5oz using Mainline Baits Essential Cell with home made Mainline Polaris hook baits over the top. “Melbury is another gem in the Southwest Lakes Trust portfolio, a very enjoyable trip!’



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kevinhosiepb45lb8ozmirrorkrackingcarp(Above) kevin Hosie

Big Shout Out and Well Done to Kevin Hosie who caught his 1st EVER 40!! Kevin caught a New Personal Best 45lb 8oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake using Artificial Sweetcorn, his face says it all!!


(Above) Adrian Walker

5C’s Member Adrian Walker from Liskeard had a great session on the Main Carp Lake catching a 26lb and 22lb Mirror within just Minutes apart! Adrian landed the 26lb Mirror and as soon as he finished taking pictures and safely releasing the Mirror, his other Rod Screamed off for him to land a 22lb Mirror!
Adrian used a D Rig with a Snowman Manilla Boilie Presentation to tempt the Stunners.

julianchidgey22lb9ozmirrorspecimencarp(Above) Julian Chidgey

Julian Chidgey took some time out to fish for himself on the Specimen Carp Lake and landed this Stunning Scale Perfect 22lb 9oz Linear caught off the top on Dog Biscuits.


(Above) Graham Tasker

A KRACKING BIRTHDAY TREAT! Graham Tasker from West Yorkshire was whisked away by his partner to Anglers Paradise as a Birthday Surprise. Graham decided to give the Kracking Carp Lake a go in the hope of beating his current Personal Best of 24lb 7oz. On his 1st day, he not only beat his PB but he smashed it with a 38lb Mirror!! Graham caught the Whopper from Peg 2, towards the Lillies on a Cog System with Salty Squid Mainline Boilies with just 1 on a Stringer.

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise

Big Carp catch from South West lakes Trust Water

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Gerald Gough sent me this report on a spectacular catch from an undisclosed South West Lakes Trust Water in North Devon.  Fishing on Saturday October 1st as heavy rain beat across lake Gerald landed  5 carp weighing 17-12,18-00, 20-03, 21-00 and 37-12 caught on a popped up snowman rig about 4 inches off the bottom using 18mm fish boilies.the big carp took about 30 minutes to land from 100 metres out tremendous fight over which I had very little control , I didn`t see the fish until it popped up in front of the net STUNNING FISH safely returned.

Gerald was fishing alone and was unable to get a decent picture of the fish as rain and wind made for poor photography conditions. Gerald has sea fished for many years making some excellent catches of specimen sea fish from all along the coast of North Devon and has turned to carp fishing in recent years as the dangers of sea fishing from remote rock marks has become less appealing.



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Joanne Combes keeps a steady stream of reports coming from Stafford Moor here are the latest catches from Lodge Lake.

Lee Waring with one of his 26 catches yes 26 !! From lodge lake using mainline cell boilies with GOO (almond bait smoke ) up to 24lb he said if was his best fishing session he has ever had . He was here for 36 hours was gonna do 24 but don’t want to go home as he was in a roll !

Eddie Scott who had a few fish out up to 25lb using cc Moore live system boilies
From lodge lake yesterday . (Below)


Stafford Moor – Carp News

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More stunning carp from Stafford Moor.

Mark Stacey and son Kyle Stacey  with there new personal bests from Lodge lake dam wall this weekend using mainline cell .( Below)

image2image1Ian Collins ( Below) who had many out from the inlet swim on Beatties using sticky baits Manilla boilies below with his 23lb 3oz.

image1Andy Stapleton with his 18lb catch from lodge lake using banoffee high biz pop ups. (Below)

image1Nathan Bridle with his 29lb 4oz catch from Beatties lake using mainline cell boilies .(below)