Lure Fishing Competition

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The first few bass of the season have been tempted by lure anglers and to celebrate the fact Danny Watson has launched a lure fishing competition. Details below.

High Street Tackle are running a lure fishing competition!
The first one to run from now until May 10th.
The winner will be the biggest fish caught from the shore on a lure that has been bought from High Street Tackle.
To enter you must submit a picture of the fish, details of the lure and weight of the fish.
Pictures will be displayed on our Facebook page – we will not disclose any location information even if it is provided.
IMPORTANT – please ensure that all pictures are sensible ones – blood etc is not a good look.
It will also be assumed that all bass are treated as per the requirements of the law – we do not wish for any controversy to be raised by any of your pictures.
I understand that there may be some openings for dishonesty but hope that all who are interested in taking part can help to ensure that the winner is deservedly judged so.
We have not decided on the exact prize yet but it will obviously be related to lure fishing and be worth the effort of sending an honest photo – we would like to think that this may continue throughout the year!
Please feel free to contact us should have any suggestions etc.

Tope are on the way!

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This 55lb 12oz tope set new best for Dan Hawkins boat Reel Deal whilst fishing for shark. The fish was tempted by Alan White on a whole frozen Ammo mackerel and is a for-taste of the summer sport that is to come off Ilfracombe when the mackerel shoals arrive in numbers.


Reel Deal – Porbeagle latest!

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It’s been a great start to the sharking season for anglers aboard charter boat Reel Deal sailing out of Ilfracombe.

With a couple of big porbeagle already caught this season a party off anglers headed down to North Cornwall for the chance of another big early season shark. It wasn’t long before the Ammo supplied chum brought a shark to one of the baits. After a short tussle the first fish managed to shed the hook. But this wasn’t the end of the action as a big shark approached the boat later in the day nudging the floats as it circled around in the rubby dubby trail. Frustratingly the big fish seemed uninterested in the baits and the anglers thought their chance had slipped away. But with time ticking towards home time one of the frozen Ammo mackerel was taken and a long battle commenced with each angler taking fifteen minute turns on the rod.

Eventually the mighty fish was glimpsed in the clear water.

Dan has a policy of releasing all shark at the side of the boat to minimize stress to the fish ensuring that these awesome fish will continue to hunt the clear waters off the rugged North Cornwall coast.

The huge fish was estimated at 450lb and was tamed on top quality tackle supplied by Veals Mail Order and tempted on bait supplied by Ammo Baits. The landing of the shark was team effort by Clive, Shaun, Paul,Dean and Daniel.

Dan Hawkins can reach the sharking grounds off Cornwall in the speedy purpose built 9m Colne Catamaran powered by 2×150 HP Mercury outboards in around two hours giving anglers a full days fishing with plenty of pollock and other species to catch whilst the rubby dubby works its magic.

Plaice at home?

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Ian Hooper fished a popular North Devon Mark to land this handsomely marked plaice tempted using king ragworm. He also landed small bass, whiting and smoothound. Whilst many anglers make the long trek to catch plaice from Chesil beach and other South Coast Beaches it is surprising what can be caught in our own waters here in North Devon. The use of smaller hooks and worm baits can bring a wide variety of species to the shore and who knows perhaps there are a few specimen plaice to be caught. I have heard eye witness accounts from divers seeing very large plaice off our coast. Perhaps we just need to adapt to unlock the secrets of the coast.

Spring Ray dominate Rover

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(Above) James Thomas – small eyed ray 11lb 13oz

James Thomas won Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Spring Rover with a specimen small eyed ray weighing 11lb 13oz. James father Wayne Thomas took second and third places with a small eyed ray scaling 9lb 10oz and blonde ray of 14lb 2oz.  The fish were all caught off Minehead aboard Steve Webber’s boat Osprey. The clubs party landed around 25 ray, small eyed, thornback and blonde ray. They also landed smoothound, bull huss and dogfish.

Wayne Thomas – small eyed ray 9lb 10oz
(Above) Wayne Thomas – blonde ray 14lb 2oz
(Above )James Thomas brace of blondes 12lb 15oz and 11lb 13oz

Shore anglers in the competition landed several quality fish the best and fourth place in the competition went to Daniel Welch who landed a small ray of 9lb 5oz. This bodes well for the clubs open competition at Putsborough beach next month.

(Above)Daniel Welch – small eyed ray -9lb 5oz

News from Nick Hart at Exe Valley

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Catch & Release to continue at Exe Valley Fishery

Although I had been meaning to add a catch report during March it is quite poignant to be writing one up now as this weekend heralds a two month period since Catch & Release options were introduced here at Exe Valley Fishery. 

Catch & Release News

I am happy to report that the initial trial has been a resounding success with twenty percent of anglers choosing to opt for Catch & Release only while many others have completed their limits prior to enjoying an enjoyable sporting session rather than leaving the fishery prematurely.

Catch & Release options will continue for the foreseeable future until such time that water temperatures become too high.  Please check the website and facebook for details or call 01398 323008, although I anticipate that the options should be available until June 2017 at least.  We are the only small stillwater fishery in the area offering such a range of flexible fishing permits and now that spring is in the air you can expect some fantastic imitative sport … especially as there are a few wise Trout in Anchor Lake now.

Top Sport … and some of it is top of the water!

Over the last few weeks 228 anglers have enjoyed some great sport landing 893 Trout for a very healthy average of 3.9 fish per angler.  Top flies have been Damsels, especially the Blue Flash variety and Buzzers under a bung are also very successful.  But as the water begins to warm and the longer days are upon us don’t be afraid to try a straightforward dry fly such as a CDC Owl.  Andrew Berwick, who started fly fishing late last year, did just that and was rewarded with his first ever surface caught Trout.

Looking back through the returns as usual we have witnessed some great catches including Perry Bamonte with a 5 fish bag at 17lb plus another 5 fish released, the second time he has achieved this in as many weeks.  Matt Hunt has become a regular, travelling from Torquay to fish with us having heard that C&R fishing is now available.  Fishing with his pal Mr Morgan they consistently catch 15 – 20 fish between them during weekly sessions since the new options were introduced back in February.

Nick Billet from Wellington said “Great day, many thanks will be back” after his first visit, completing a limit of 8 with his 4 fish taken tipping the scales at 14lb.  Buzzers under an indicator proved to be the successful tactic which also worked for Nicks mate Shaun Rowden, also landing 8 fish.

News of the changes have spread across the West Country and Peter Philips from Plymouth was another first time visitor who had a best Trout of 5lb 8oz in a bag of 4, with one safely released.   He commented “Great Fishery – lovely setting, nice condition & variety of size of fish, easy back casting – will certainly be back!

Mr Metcalfe all the way from Wales was rewarded for his journey today in the form of this 11lb Rainbow.