Fun Fishing for young anglers

It is vital that young anglers come into this wonderful pastime of ours and engage with nature. At Exe Valley Fishery they are catering for those first timers with a lake dedicated to young family fishing adventures. Chris Guest sent me this news story following on from young Haydo’s adventure.


“Fun in the Easter Sun, Haydo & grandpa went fishing and Haydo caught his first trout on Lobbs Lake at Exe Valley Fishery, a brilliant place to take kids for their first fishing adventure, this lake is bait or spinner, we float fished with some soft pellets and it wasn’t long before he had his string pulled, a couple of fish later he was enjoying a well deserved Cola Ice Pop from the fishery freezer, check it out!!!”

There is of course the main fishing lake for the dedicated Fly Fisher with trout to double figures!


Estuary Provides Fine Junior sport

The autumn estuary can provide some fine sport for young anglers with flounder and school bass.

Ian Cairns won Triple Hook Clubs Junior Open Flounder competition with a fine flounder of 1lb 87/8oz. In second place was Roxy Mortimer with a flounder of 1lb 8oz. Joan Cairns won the ladies Open Flounder match with a flattie of 1lb 73/4oz. Christine Hancock was runner up with a flounder of 1lb 31/4oz.


Andrew Conibear took his son Thomas to the Taw estaury where they enjoyed sport with flounder and bass to 5lb 9oz.

Kids Fishing day – Report from Zenia Gregorek

Kid Fishing day – Report from Zenia Gregorek

Anglers Paradise recently held a Kid’s Fishing Day that was a great success raising money for the local school and also encouraging the younger generation to fish!

Here are some pictures of the recent Kid’s Fishing Day at Anglers Eldorado, where Angling Coach Tommy Flower offered his services for a day to help kids learn to fish and to help those that already fish to further their angling knowledge.

It really was a wonderful day, the kids loved it from ages 3 up to the age of 12, some had fished before and others hadn’t, but every single one of them loved it which is exactly why we wanted to do it.

Here are some of the magic moments we shared, we hope to do more Kid’s Fishing Days in the future to encourage and help, as they are the future of this sport and it’s great to see more younger ones enjoying the sport like we do!

Thank you to all the Kids that joined in, you were all FABULOUS and a Special Thank You to Tommy Flower and his assistant Adam May – What you did was what Angling should always be about – Enjoying the Sport, Helping Others and of course keeping the Angling Passion going! Also special thanks to Skretting for donating the bait for the event. All proceeds raised will go to Halwill Primary School.

Anglers Paradise


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Rory Hewitt and Henry Gayton won Bideford and District Angling Clubs Junior Pairs Match at Tarka Swims. Bideford are to be congratulated for all the sterling work they have undertaken to encourage young anglers. The club lake has been a huge benefit providing an ideal location close to Bideford at a very reasonable cost.


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The latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise is full of young anglers enjoying early success during their summer holidays.


(Above)Freddie Woodcock, 7 from London caught his 1st EVER Catfish at 17lbs 8oz from the Easy Access Lake on Halibut Pellets, Freddie said – “I have never been so excited, and I knew I’d made my Dad Proud!”

AivaShelley4yearsfirst6lbmirrorbeginnersPRECIOUS MOMENTS. (Above) Here is Aiva Shelley with her Daddy on her first ever day of fishing on the Beginners Carp Lake. At just 4 Years Old she cast out and reeled Reeled in this 6lb Mirror and she loved it! Aiva used her Daddy’s Float Rod with Sweetcorn as the hook bait and this was her First Ever Carp!

Zenia comments. “Special Moments as a Family is just one of the reasons why we do what we do, what a priceless picture of a Father and Daughter Sharing the moment”.



Charlotte Cropp,( Above) 15 from Salisbury caught her 1st Ever Catfish from the Easy Access Lake after 15 years of coming here! The Girl Power Continues, it really is so great to see so many more Girls out there Fishing!
Charlotte’s Story – “This holiday, my goal was to catch my first ever Catfish. So on a drizzly Wednesday, we set up on Easy Access with the hope of achieving this. After waiting for about 4 hours, with no bites at all, my rod went screaming off and the drizzle decided to turn into a full on shower! After a fairly long battle and an aching wrist my first ever Catfish was landed. Not only that, but it weighed 21lb 4oz! After 15 years, I’ve never been so happy at catching a fish in my life!”

Here she is with her First Ever 21lb 4oz Catfish from the Easy Access and being presented her Prizes for Winning Fish Of The Week. (Below)


A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words.. ( Below).Tommy Flower with his Gorgeous 2 Year Old Daughter Summer giving the Fish a Kiss before releasing it back into the Octopussy Lake. Tommy caught the Upper Double off the Top during a quick hour of stalking on Skretting Pellets. It’s Pictures like this that remind us the Magic of This Sport we call Fishing!


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


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Charlie Grant

Charlie Grant aged 9, from Reading  caught his FIRST EVER Catfish of 18lbs 4oz from the Easy Access Lake at Anglers Paradise on Luncheon Meat whilst fishing with his Dad Rich Grant and brother Joe. Zenia Gregorek says “It’s moments like these, that make us love what we do and when you see Families like the Grants enjoying the sport together and making memories like this, is just perfect.Charlie’s face is priceless and has certainly made us all Smile with him. The Passion that boy has for Fishing is just great and we were thrilled to present him as the Winner of Fish Of The Week!!”

Many lifetime anglers start their journey whilst on summer holidays with their families; all credit to such venues as Anglers Paradise for providing such an idyllic starting place.

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise