A Visit to the Tackle Shop

I called into Summerlands Tackle at Westward-Ho! to pick up my Sponsorship Form for Neilsen Jeffery’s charity Match later in the year. ( More on that later) I also took along a bundle of old line keen to make use of the line recycling scheme I helped promote earlier this month. Line is the vital link between  angler and fish. It is prone to damage and degradation over time and for this reason it is prudent to change it on a regular basis. Line both mono and braid is particularly hazardous to wildlife and should be discarded with care. In the past I have cut it into short lengths or burnt it. This new scheme is a great idea and should be embraced by all anglers. North Devons premier tackle shops are all participating in the scheme.

Line recycling

Heather at Summerlands places my old line in the recycle bin.

Summerlands have just updated their impressive stock of carp tackle with an impressive range from Korum and Guru.

Line recycling

Line is probably the most harmful material anglers use and experienced anglers change their line on a regular basis as it is the vital link between them and the fish they hope to persuade to the waters edge. Discarded line has long been an issue that causes concern even when put out with the rubbish it can get onto landfill where it can entangle birdlife. I have in the past cut my line into short lengths or burnt it on the fire. Now there is a scheme to recycle old mono and braid and the good news is that North Devons tackle shops are participating in the scheme so please bag up your old line and take it to your local tackle shop and place in the designated receptacle. For more information on the scheme please click on the below link.


Litter an ongoing issue

Last year I reported on a local angling clubs efforts to clean up their local sea angling venue following threats to close it off following unacceptable litter left by careless and uncaring anglers.

Litter a sad reflection!

Anglers embark on Beach Clean to show they care

Sadly a year later I still get reports of issues relating to angling litter and whilst anglers are not exclusive in leaving litter they should be appreciative of the environment that is surely an integral part of what angling is about? I recently received this sad image of a popular North Devon Rock Mark the angler who sent this is to be commended for picking up the rubbish and removing it from the venue. We must all make every effort reduce litter and leave nothing at the waters edge accept memories.

Line is one of the major angling related litter issues and a new scheme is being launched to encourage responsible disposal. I will be speaking with local tackle shops and perhaps clubs to see if we can get access to the scheme here in North Devon.

Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme see link below :-


Mild Weather brings carp on the feed at Stafford Moor

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The milder conditions certainly seem to have encouraged Stafford Moor’s carp to go on the feed with some tremendous catches during the past week.

Jack Griffiths and Emily enjoyed a great session at Stafford Moor where they caught six fish  from the summer hut swim on Beatties lake up to 26lb. Emily had a 22lb mirror out and Jack had 2 x 26lb out all caught on OCD baits.

(Below)Jack Gattiker  fished for the first time  on swim 1 on lodge lake. Jack had 2 fish out up to 25lb caught on Sticky Baits 20mm Manilla boilies.

(Below) Mark Lamude banked three fish out from the beach swim on Beatties lake all caught on Mainline cell boilies topped with corn over a large bed of 15mm cell.

(Below)Debbie Stephens caught ten carp out up to 26lb from swim 2 on lodge lake in a 48 hour session ! All caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

Carp on the feed at Stafford Moor

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(Above) Bob Seabourne caught this 24lb 11oz beauty Beatties lake on a single white pop up.

(Above) Adam Atkins and dad John Atkins fished up on lodge lake on swims 2 and 3. They had 10 fish out between them with a new pb each too ! Adam now has a new pb of 28lb 7oz and dads is 28lb on the nose all caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies and buchenberry pop ups.

(Above) Ryan Labdon who was fishing with squid boilies and had this beauty from the dam wall on Lodge lake.


North Devon Match Group are generally a robust bunch fishing through the worst of the weather each month. Last Sunday they were however beaten buy a thick coating of ice when they turned up to fish at Oaktree Fishery forcing them two cancel.

Furzebray Carp Lakes were also frozen over at the weekend. A return to milder weather today should see all lakes fishable agin and after a few days I am sure the fish will respond by feeding hard. It would be good to get that picture of a carp in the snow here on North Devon Angling News. I hope  for the sake of all businesses relying upon angling for their income that we do not not get another Beast from the East this year.