IMG_3348Slight Delay

Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Annual Fun Fishing event on Ilfracombe Pier was once again a highly enjoyable event with twenty competitors taking part and plenty of onlookers taking an active interest. Special guests for the event were Libby Ross from IFCA and representing the local coastguard Deputy Station Officer Dave Mannering and Coastguard Rescue officer Jodie Smith.

Jodie Smith & Dave Mannering from the local coastguard.


The event was unfortunately delayed as a result of a delay in the birthing of the Balmoral which was running late after a delay on the Welsh side due to inclement weather. This gave the opportunity for the coastguard officers and Libby to engage with the fishers discussing fish conservation, regulation and safety at sea.



Libby Ross - IFCA Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority
Libby Ross – IFCA
Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority

When fishing eventually got underway competitors soon started to get a few bites and swing fish  ashore to be admired briefly before being returned to the water. Species caught included tub gurnard, pollock, wrasse, rockling, shore rockling, poor cod,pouting,smelt,grey mullet,rock goby, tompot blenny, and mackerel. Despite the small size of many of the fish caught beaming smiles on young faces made the event well worth while.

IMG_3394Charlie Stanway – Winner of the Event

A little light rain began to fall at the end of the event but not enough to dampen enthusiasm as everyone gathered for the presentation that was kindly carried out by Jodie Smith from the coastguard.


Winner of the top prize was young Charlie Stanway who caught five species for 7 points. Runner up was Sam Davison who caught four species for 7 points. Winner of the over 18’s section was Lyn Wilson with 7 points and runner up Ali Laird with 5 points. The heaviest fish was a 1ln grey mullet caught by Dan Welch. Special thanks go to High Street Tackle who kindly sponsored the event. Prizes were also provided by Combe Martin SAC and North Devon Angling News.



Colorful tub gurnard
Colorful tub gurnard


Lyn Wilson with the first fish of the day.
Lyn Wilson with the first fish of the day.


Tompot blenny
Tompot blenny



Dan Welch -  grey mullet 1lb
Dan Welch – grey mullet 1lb



14193856_10154489773247533_347403858_nCombe Martin SAC hold their Annual Fun Fish tomorrow on Ilfracombe Pier fishing 1.00pm until 4.00pm.

We have special guests from IFCA and the Coastguard and an array of quality prizes from our sponsors High Street Tackle and from COMBE MARTIN SAC and North Devon Angling News.

The top prize is for most species by an angler 18 or under. There will also be a senior prize for most species, a prize for heaviest  fish prize and runners up.

Anglers can register two fish of each species each fish scoring one point.

To reduce tangles one rod only please at a time.

ENTRY IS FREE – Just turn up and register.

Full REport and pictures on North Devon Angling News tomorrow night!




14124866_10208492732213960_5784798049075623523_oYoung Chloe Tuffin Brazier aged eleven  fished at Horwood Fishery and landed her first carp a hard-fighting 7lb common that tested her angling skills and made her a very happy girl. Andy Seery’s new 8mm go-nut bait was the successful offering presented on pole tackle with a size 18  hook.

Day Tickets for Horwood can be purchased from Summerlands Tackle.

Advert  - Summerlands Tackle


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The latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise is full of young anglers enjoying early success during their summer holidays.


(Above)Freddie Woodcock, 7 from London caught his 1st EVER Catfish at 17lbs 8oz from the Easy Access Lake on Halibut Pellets, Freddie said – “I have never been so excited, and I knew I’d made my Dad Proud!”

AivaShelley4yearsfirst6lbmirrorbeginnersPRECIOUS MOMENTS. (Above) Here is Aiva Shelley with her Daddy on her first ever day of fishing on the Beginners Carp Lake. At just 4 Years Old she cast out and reeled Reeled in this 6lb Mirror and she loved it! Aiva used her Daddy’s Float Rod with Sweetcorn as the hook bait and this was her First Ever Carp!

Zenia comments. “Special Moments as a Family is just one of the reasons why we do what we do, what a priceless picture of a Father and Daughter Sharing the moment”.



Charlotte Cropp,( Above) 15 from Salisbury caught her 1st Ever Catfish from the Easy Access Lake after 15 years of coming here! The Girl Power Continues, it really is so great to see so many more Girls out there Fishing!
Charlotte’s Story – “This holiday, my goal was to catch my first ever Catfish. So on a drizzly Wednesday, we set up on Easy Access with the hope of achieving this. After waiting for about 4 hours, with no bites at all, my rod went screaming off and the drizzle decided to turn into a full on shower! After a fairly long battle and an aching wrist my first ever Catfish was landed. Not only that, but it weighed 21lb 4oz! After 15 years, I’ve never been so happy at catching a fish in my life!”

Here she is with her First Ever 21lb 4oz Catfish from the Easy Access and being presented her Prizes for Winning Fish Of The Week. (Below)


A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words.. ( Below).Tommy Flower with his Gorgeous 2 Year Old Daughter Summer giving the Fish a Kiss before releasing it back into the Octopussy Lake. Tommy caught the Upper Double off the Top during a quick hour of stalking on Skretting Pellets. It’s Pictures like this that remind us the Magic of This Sport we call Fishing!


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


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Charlie Grant

Charlie Grant aged 9, from Reading  caught his FIRST EVER Catfish of 18lbs 4oz from the Easy Access Lake at Anglers Paradise on Luncheon Meat whilst fishing with his Dad Rich Grant and brother Joe. Zenia Gregorek says “It’s moments like these, that make us love what we do and when you see Families like the Grants enjoying the sport together and making memories like this, is just perfect.Charlie’s face is priceless and has certainly made us all Smile with him. The Passion that boy has for Fishing is just great and we were thrilled to present him as the Winner of Fish Of The Week!!”

Many lifetime anglers start their journey whilst on summer holidays with their families; all credit to such venues as Anglers Paradise for providing such an idyllic starting place.

Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise



Close to twenty members of Bratton Fleming Cricket club descended upon the normally tranquil waters of Bratton Water Trout Fishery for what will undoubtedly become an annual event. A mixture of experienced fly Fishers and first timers enjoyed the event that was blessed with warm summer sunshine. In the clear water small imitative patterns proved most successful with a gold headed pheasant tail nymph responsible for the demise of several of Bratton Waters hard fighting residents.


On arrival at the fishery I found experienced local trout fisherman and Bratton Water regular Glyn Rees who had enjoyed a good day at the water landing four brown trout to 4lb targetting the fish using dry fly tactics.

Whilst the fishing fraternity cast their offerings to the lakes trout the remaining members of the Cricket club prepared the BBQ and played a primitive form of cricket using bats made from old sticks. Others watched the anglers and helped with the netting of fish.


Most anglers landed their brace of trout despite the warm sunshine that beamed into the water. A pair of Polaroids were a distinct advantage enabling individual fish to be targetted with the two trout I caught both actually seen to take the tiny fly. The fish were a mixture of brown and rainbows with Debbie Tucker landing the biggest brown trout at 3lb 1oz. James Thomas landed a hard fighting of rainbow of 3lb 8oz that was leading the biggest fish of the day when we left the event to join another local event. Rob Scoines fresh back from a trip to Norway chasing big fish adapted to the finesse of trout fishing landing a brace of rainbows each weighing 2lb 9oz.

The Cricket club give special thanks to fishery owner Mike Williams for hosting the event that raised valuable funds for the Cricket Club.


Debbie Tucker with brace of Bratton Trout including a 3lb 1oz brown trout
Debbie Tucker with brace of Bratton Trout including a 3lb 1oz brown trout
James Thomas with a 3lb 10oz rainbow
James Thomas with a 3lb 8oz rainbow




Rob Scoines with his first brace of trout
Rob Scoines with his first brace of trout


Hard fighting trout
Hard fighting trout
Safely in the net
Safely in the net, Sophie Welby nets a rainbow for James Thomas


The waiting net
The waiting net




Darren Drew with a brace of rainbows
Darrin Drew with a brace of rainbows
James Thomas and myself with our catch.
James Thomas and myself with part of our catch.



The summer holidays provide the ideal time for a little father and son time. Carp fishing gives the opportunity to combine the joys of fishing and camping. Sleeping out beside a lake on a summer night is a great adventure and a chance to see wildlife close at hand and hear the owls in the still of the night.


Craig Batti and son Cayden fishing on Beattie's lake on the summer house swim using WLM baits. With  just one of his many catches.
Craig Batti and son Cayden fishing on Beattie’s lake on the summer house swim using WLM baits. Wit just one of their many catches.


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Anglers Paradise’s Zyg Gregorek sent me this news story from the famous angling Complex.


Following tumultuous referendum results, on a lighter note we held a wedding blessing for Gary and Sarah Mayo from South Petherwin, Cornwall, with Gary emerging from the water in true Poseidon fashion with his special Poseidon fork, he battled his way from the sea to the Koi Lake with his special fork, we used our fishy wedding vows and provided the bouquet for the bride which were rare water lilies.
Poseidon was very, very pleased that we got our fish in the seas back around the Great Britain shores and he wanted to settle down and live peacefully, he appreciated the bottle of Viagra wine we gave him to help him get his strength back and cement his relationship.
These were the wedding vows we used:-


Dearly beloved we are gathered here together in the sight of God, nature, fellow fisherman and fish to renew our eternal vows and proclaim your everlasting love.
Do you Sarah promise to take Gary for good days and bad days, big fish and small fish, blank days and loads of fish.
Will you look after each other’s tackle, wash it and clean it after use
And do you promise to honour and obey and go fishing every day
I now pronounce you fisherman and fisherwoman, husband and wife and with this net I now re-join you for ever and a day.
The guests then toasted the bride and groom with Viagra wine


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Four Year Old Ned Grinney and his Dad
Four Year Old Ned Grinney and his Dad.


Stafford Moor regular Wayne Grinney took his four-year-old son Ned with him to fish the venues Beatties Lake. Young Ned enjoyed success landing a fine mirror carp of 22lb 11oz, undoubtedly with a little help from Dad. Great to see the happy face; a fish he will never forget.